Friday, December 24, 2004

All I want for Christmas

Fifteen minutes until Christmas. Five and a half hours until I wake back up to go back to work. Can you feel my Christmas spirit?

Today was a pretty good day. I worked most of the day but, I got to spend some quality time with N this afternoon in between shifts. We wrapped gifts and exchanged one present as has been our custom for the last three Christmases. The gift that I let her open was a cool flannel sheet set that I picked up at Target when I was in North Carolina. Her gift to me was an Auburn SEC Championship hoodie. I really like it. It is cool because it is not gaudy. It's gray with navy lettering, simple and all around perfect. I really was in need of a new hoodie because none of mine fit anymore. And what is a boy without his hoodie really?

This evening we went over to a friends house for dinner. We met his mother and grandmother and generally had a good time. Dinner was excellent and the company was good considering it wasn't my family. After dinner we got Bartleby the Red Tail Hawk out and played with him for a little while. Don't worry, the person we were visiting is licensed and fully allowed to have a wild hawk. All the papers are in order and USFWS knows all about it.

When we were saying goodnight I gave N a long hug. She feels so good when she is in my arms and I feel so good when I am in hers. I only wish that she could be my girl again. Enough dwelling now, on to more important things...

I'm stoked about going to see N's family for Christmas tomorrow. We dated for over two years but I never got to spend Christmas with them. Hopefully tomorrow will be fun and festive. And I know the food will be good. Because those Greeks sure know how to cook.

On a side note, I called O last night and talked to her for a bit. When she left after our dinner out she told me if I got bored to call her, so I took her up on it a week later and gave her a ring. The conversation was pretty good and friendly. It mostly was just one of those "Hey, what's up? Not much here" chit-chat conversations. At the end, I told her I would probably call her around new years and she said that would be ok. I'm hoping to keep her chatted up a little while she is gone so that when she gets back into town we can get together and do something.

I think all I want to Christmas is a girl to sleep in the bed with me. Sure, the other stuff would be fun, but I'm starting to get lonely sleeping alone. I don't really care who it might be O, N whoever, just someone to cuddle with and to keep me company.

But, not tonight, I'm going to bed lonely in the dark with only the company of an undigested dinner.

Goodnight, I'll be back in a few days. Merry Christmas, hope your not as lonely as me.

Mood: Lonely
Music: Dave Matthews Band - Live in Central Park


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