Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Eco Terrorists

A few years ago I wrote a paper about the Earth Liberation Front. It turned out to be a good paper and I really leaned about the shadowy, decentralized organization that is the ELF. Recently, there was an action in an upscale Maryland subdivision where many homes were burned. Immeidatly it was attributed to the ELF even though I don't think anyone has claimed any responsibility and there really isn't any evidence linking the ELF to the incident.

It got me to thinking about so called "eco terrorism" and if it really accomplishes anything. I personally like to hear about such actions and the havoc that they reak. Such as a few years ago when a grad student torched over 100 SUVs at a California car dealership. Or when vast reaches of forest are spiked in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, I have often contemplated trying to undertake an action locally that might send a message to those who enjoy commiting wholesale rape of the planet. I dont' know if the actions that the ELF and others take really influence or change any actions of those who do not respect the planet but, at least it sends a message to us that at least there are others out there who feel the same as we do.


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