Saturday, December 25, 2004

I hate snowmakers!

One year ago today, I had one of the better days of my life. After we had Christmas in the morning, my brother talked my dad into letting us go upto Mt. Hood and go snowboarding for the night. The conditions were awesome. My brother and I headed up with the video camera and had a blast. Since we knew that our parents would me moving from Portland during the summer we knew it was one of our last best chances to have a great night on the mountain. We snowboarded our hearts out and had a blast. We have always gotten along pretty well and have been pretty good buddies but that night was something else. We dropped cliffs that we had never dropped, hit lines we neglected for seasons and rode epic tree lines all the way down. It was a great night. Hopefully there will be more nights like that for me and my brother.

Let me contrast that story with one from earlier this week. Brother, Dad and I went up to our Mt. House on Monday to do some snowboarding. It was our first time snowboarding anywhere but Mt. Hood. Let me tell you, North Carolina snow blows, the terrain blows, the snowmakers blow. I hate snowmakers. They shoot out little droplets of water that cake you and your goggles with ice, making it impossible to see. I wish I was back in PDX.

That's it, just wanted to share a good Christmas memory for me. I'm off to see the family with N. Hope it goes as well as I am hoping.

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