Thursday, December 16, 2004

If you figure them out, let me know

I do not understand girls. I don't, for a while I thought I had them figured out, but I don't, I at this point, I doubt I ever will. Last night I was supposed to have a date with O. Well, actually we were supposed to do something Tuesday night but she had something come up so we postponed to Wednesday night. I hadn't seen her in a week, so I was looking forward to taking her out on a proper date and coming home for a movie or something. Well, I got out of my last final exam and called her as I said I would. We talked for a minute and then I asked her where she wanted to go for dinner. She said she was in the mood for Chinese and that was fine with me. Then she asked if her roommate could come with us. Even though it wasn't really fine with me I told her it was cool. She must not have believed me because after we got off the phone, she messaged me asking again if it were ok. I assured her it was ok.

While I waited on them to come pick me up I was trying to think about how to handle the situation. It was my intention to take O out and pay for dinner and then rent a movie or something. Now that the roommate was coming with us a wrench had been thrown into those plans. I wondered what was the proper etiquette for paying in these situations. I didn't really have the money to take us out but I was going to find it. Now, I really didn't have the money to pay for all three of us. I also didn't want to just pay for O and myself because I wasn't sure if that would have been considered rude. I was at a loss for what to do.

I was also confused at this point as to why the roommate was coming. Was she just genuinely hungry and wanting to join us or was O bringing her along as a cock block. I dunno, still don't.

But, I digress. We went to dinner which ended up being fun. We discussed their third roommate and all her quirks and weirdness. Since the restaurant was buffet style they only brought us one check. I took the check up to the counter with the intention of paying for my and O's meal. I was still a little uncomfortable with the whole paying situation and out of the corner of my eye, I saw O reach into her purse for her wallet. Damn, I guess that sorts the situation out. So, we paid and headed home.

Since the roomate was driving, I held out a little hope that O might come in with me to hang out for a while and then I could have taken her home. No such luck. When we pulled up to my building, I sat there for a second but proceeded to get out. Note: I'm not really that smooth, and trying to talk her into coming in without the roomate would have probably ended in an uncomforable disaster so I aborted that plan. After exiting the car, I stood there for a second and O got out. She came up to me and gave me a hug and we exchanged goodbyes. When I hugged her the thought that came to my mind was, my god this girl is tiny and so light, I ended up picking her up. As we parted, she told me that if I get bored over break, I should call her. I said I would and for her to have a save trip back to Colorado.

I was pretty bummed about being cock blocked and not getting any one on one time with O because I really like hanging out with her. So what did I do, I immediatly had a beer.

Shortly after, I got a call from N, and I told her about the date and she asked me if I wanted to come over and watch Lost. I agreed and headed over there. We watched Lost and then I came back home.

When I got home there was a message from O. She was wondering if I had a good time and apologized for her and the roomate talking too much. I assured her that I had a fine time. Later, I was hoping to get her to come over so I sent her a message saying she was welcome to come over after she finished packing if she wanted. I settled in for the night and watched Bowling for Columbine. It was a good movie and I liked it a lot more than I liked Farenheit 9/11. I never heard back from O about my offer, and now she is on her way to Colorado for several weeks.

I don't understand girls, I dont' think I ever will.


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