Monday, December 27, 2004

My Haul

Santa was good to me this go around. Usually I don't get much of the stuff I want and a lot of the stuff I don't want and don't need. I've been on a roll this year with gifts. Last Christmas from N's Mom, I got Band of Brothers on DVD which I really wanted. For my birthday my Mom got me an iPod which was completely unexpected. I hadn't gotten a great birthday gift like that in ages. This year for Christmas, I did pretty well to getting what I wanted. So, here is the list of stuff that I got with all of its linkable glory.

Halo 2
Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition Box Set
Black & Decker Food Processor
Handspring Visor Edge PDA (Used, kinda a hand-me-down)
SEC Championship Hoodie
Turtle Fur Beanie (best beanies in the world)
1 American Eagle sweater and 3 shirts (1, 2, 3)
2 pairs of socks
$25 dollar Blockbuster giftcard
Flannel sheets
Badder Santa on DVD
$15 dollar iTunes giftcard
$35 dollar American Eagle giftcard (from last year that my Aunt and Uncle forgot to mail)
$80 dollars cash
Viva la Bam season 1 on DVD
Xbox controller for Halo 2
Popeye and Superman DVDs (From the dollar DVD bin)
1 pair of American Eagle boxers
Ironman Triathalon T-shirt from Hawaii
The Martini Book

I almost forgot about one of my Dad's gifts to me. It's a toolbox sort of thing and he stuffed it with all kinds of useful stuff such as electrical tape, screws and anchors, bungie cords, drill bits, and other assorted items.

Oh, it is worthwhile noting that I have one or two more Christmas presents in NC that didn't make it in time for my departure. I guess I'll get those when I go back in January for the long holiday.

I'd say I did pretty well. I'm happy at least. So, what did you get? I'll post later about how the trip for Christmas day went, but now I'm off to pick up N from work and then to go help her clean her house.

Mood: Tired, reserved
Music: Top 125 Playlist, Something Corporate


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad Santa is my all-time favourite Christmas movie. All the rest are syrupy shit. Bad Santa rocks and HOT!!

DTG xxoo
aka a Bad Santa grrl in A Christmas Story world

10:34 AM  

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