Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Things take a sudden turn

So I went down to stay with N's family for Christmas. I was scheduled to work Christmas morning so, we didn't get out of town until about Noon. She came over to my aprartment to pick me up and we headed out. Shortly down the road, we realized she had forgotten her brothers Christmas present and we turned around to go back to her house to pick it up. That done as we started back out of town, conversation turned to work and how they don't really understand our relationship up there. The gist of the conversation was this. Our coworkers haven't really gotten us figured out, we act like we are dating, but we are not, I think it makes them very confused. In fact, I'm confused about a lot of it still myself. Anyway, at one point N made the comment that she guessed we were still sorta dating but just dating other people too. That got me excited that she would consider us still sorta dating. I considered it a small victory.

We got to where her family lives and the rain started to turn over to sleet/hail type stuff. That was very strange for the area because cold freezing precipitaion is pretty much a rarity in that part of the country. Christmas was fun, opening presents was good because her family always gets be the best gifts (mostly better than my family in fact). After opening gifts with her Mom, brother and sister-in-law, we headed up to her grandmother's for more gift unwrapping and dinner.

Dinner was awesome, as it usually is down there. The whole family cooks and in fact they have been in the restaunt business for a long time so the food is always good. We watched Napoleon Dynamite and then headed back to her house to settle in for the night. Her brother and I played Lord of the Rings Risk until bed.

The whole 24 hours down there were really good. We were very flirty the whole time. I gave her several kisses to thank her for my Christmas Presents, which I really liked. I don't think she realizes it or even knows but she does something that drives me absolutly wild. After Christmas dinner, we were in the kitchen talking to her family and she came up to me and leaned against me. I was leaning on the wall, so all her weight pushed up against me. We are just about the same height so, my cock presses right up into her ass when she does this. Usually when she comes and leans on me I take my arms and wrap them around her and give her a big tight hug. This time I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her hips back into me ever so slightly. Just enough to be pleasurable for me but not to attract too much attention from the family. Standing like this reminds me of all the times that we used to do it in reverse missionary position. She would lay on the bed face down with her head on the pillow. I used to crawl up on to her from the foot of the bed. I loved moving into her and spreading her legs. Then slowly pushing myself into her eager waiting pussy. Rather than enter her immediatly, I used to slide my cock up and down along the outside of her cunt. I can still feel how her lips would spread and expose her wet throbbing clit to my head and shaft.

The next morning after we got up and had been moving around for a couple of hours, I got into the shower. After I had finished, I came out of the bathroom and was walking to her room to get dressed, she passed me on her way to the shower and stopped for a kiss. She acutally asked for the kiss, which is kind of unusual because usually I'm doling them out to her and she doesn't have to ask. She leaned in and I kissed her. Rather than pull away as she usually does these days, she lingered for a second. I took the opprotunity and kissed her a little better. Suddenly her lips parted and she slid her tounge into my mouth. I reciprocated and we shared a quick french kiss. I almost melted. It had been a while since we shared a real passionate kiss, mostly now adays, they are just quick pecks.

As I was getting dressed, I thought about kissing her and how good it feels, then I thought about the night before when she leaned up against me. It drove me wild and soon I was hard and needing a release. I laid down on the bed and rubbed one out while thinking about how she used to climb on top of me and ride me.
On the ride home, converstion again turned to work and how neither of us really wanted to go work at 6:30 the next morning. We were making plans and thinking about logistics when she suggested that I just stay over since both of us would have to get up so early anway. I was thrilled that she asked me to stay over and considering how things had gone the previous 24 hours I was cautiously hoping for some action.

We hit some really bad traffic which really sucked. We ended up sitting in the same place for 1.5 hours just waiting on traffic to move. By the time that we reached home it had gotten late and become a 5 hour trip instead of a 3 hour one. Once we walked into her house I realized what a wreck it was. She got in a really bad mood because of the traffic, travel, and her house being a wreck. I can't really say that I blame her, I was getting tired and cranky when we got home too. We went to bed with her in a foul mood and nothing happened. I said goodnight and that was that. No action, no goodnight kiss, no hug, nothing. Oh, how things take such sudden turn. Just a few hours before, we had been flirting and having a good time. Now, we were going to bed in bad moods just like an old married couple.

I have been thinking some about O lately, I want to call her but I think I'll wait until New Years. I hope she will want to do something when she gets back in a few weeks. I want to see her.

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