Thursday, December 23, 2004

Tracking Hits

Ok, so I was visiting my family and couldn't blog, in fact, I didn't dare even look at my blog on the family computer for fear that someone might check out the history and find it. I did however keep an eye on Re_invigorate, my data archiving service that I use to track hits to my blog. (Plug: If you have or haven't ever looked into tracking for your blog/website go look at Re_invigorate now. It's the best I've found and completely free )

I kept seeing hits being referred by this address. I took a look at the blog but didn't find anything obviously referencing me and in fact the blog didn't seem like the type that would link to me. Well, I got home tonight and had a closer look. I searched his html for a link to my blog and found one. Here is the passage that he wrote (hope he doesn't get pissed)

"Kate found this blog the other day; it's one man's relentless accounting of the initial stages of dating a girl who, it seems, has no idea that he is chronicling her every move in such detail. It's freaking fascinating. Also, given the extremes of description that he's already gone into, it's gonna be a hell of a read when they finally fuck."

I was fucking floored when I read that. First off that someone was actually interested in what I was writing and second that anyone would find it that interesting to post on their blog. Well, Tederick. Thanks. Thanks for the traffic and thanks for being interested.

That aside let me address a few points. I guess at the start I should have been a little more clear about some stuff, I realize you all jumped into my life in the middle of it without a lot of back story.

I am fresh out of a long term relationship with N that ended on her terms not mine. I'm still in love with N but not with her right now. We are seeing other people as she puts it. O is a girl I have met recently here at school and I guess am kind of seeing/talking to. The blog didn't start off as a way to chonicle the early stages of dating but has kind of turned into that. It was just a place to write and share my life with the world. So it has become what it has become. And yes, I'm hoping it will be a hell of a read when we finally fuck. If we fuck. I'd love to fuck. In fact, I'm hoping the whole blog is a fascinating read for all of you that might read it. Let me know if it is. I really appreciate the feedback. Either comment or email me, whatever you fancy more.

No, O, N, or anyone else in my real life know about this blog. It is for me and you. So I can talk about stuff freely that I would not normally talk about if I knew people from my real life would be reading. So, it will be our little secret. Feel free to link to me and tell your friends, just don't tell anyone in my real life and we will be fine.

Also, go now and look at Tedericks blog. Go, what are you waiting for?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking good, J. Keep writing and I'll keep coming back for more.


DTG xxoo
Pussy Talk

12:49 PM  

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