Friday, December 17, 2004

Why does it still hurt?

Two days since O left for Colorado and she should be getting there either tonight or tomorrow am. I have been not to think about her too much. It's working I haven't thought about her too much until thinking about writing this post.

I did work a solid nine hours today. It was a hard day and now, my back is paying the price. Hefting dog food, lifting dogs and bathing dogs really will do a number on your lower back.

I did manage to make N pretty mad at me this evening. She was bringing dogs from daycare into the boarding room and I was trying to get the boarding room situated for the dogs that were coming in. To make a long story short, she wanted me to do something for her and I lost my temper. It was entirely my fault and I am the one to blame and the one that was wrong. Later, I apologized to her but she didn't seem to care. I think she appreicated the apology, but she was still mad at me. The rest of the evening at work, she seemed annoyed with me.

We had had plans for her to come over tonight and make some Christmas presents with me. I don't think I'll see her tonight... I hope she isn't still carrying a grudge when I see her tomorrow at work.

Oh, on my way to work this morning I rode by her house. I saw someone else's car there. I know she had someone stay over last night. Why does it still hurt? Will it ever not hurt?

Taking a clue from other blogs I read that I like, I will try to list a mood and music at the time of each post.

Mood: muted
Music: Armor for Sleep


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