Monday, January 31, 2005

Burned into my mind

Music has played a large role in my life since my days in high school. I listen to my music most days, sitting at my computer, driving around town in my truck, walking to class on my iPod. Music is a constant in my life. While I don't have a wide range of different types/genres that I listen to, my selections within my narrow spectrum are wide and diverse.

There are some albums that particularly stick out for me. Not for any reason in particular. Only that they are the music that I associate with fond memories that I have. The music and the memories are burned into my mind. Seared and fused together, never to be forgotten.

For instance, by brother and sister and I used to spend several weeks during the summer down at Hunting Island in South Carolina. One of the first summers that I was able to drive my brother and I spent a lot of time going fishing at the other end of the island on a state pier. The drive to the pier was a good fifteen minutes and the cd that was in the car stereo the entire two weeks was Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds Live at Luther College. It was a great two weeks spent fishing, swimming and soaking up the rays. Every time I put that album in now, I am sucked back to that time, so many summers ago when by brother and I would grab our gear and pile into the car for a drive. I can still remember driving through the jungle like island with Dave singing in the background.

In high school when we lived out west, my brother, sister and I used to like to drive up into the mountains and do various things. One of our favorite summertime activities was to drive up the Washougal river road and go to 5 Mile. 5 Mile is an area where you can swim and go cliff jumping. We spent many summer days passing time by jumping off the cliffs and swimming in the cold snowmelt water. The music that sticks out in my mind there is MXPX Live at the Show. I distinctly remember riding up the curvy, windy road blasting MXPX with my brother in the passanger seat with me. After swimming and jumping for hours we would get back into the car exhausted and wearing only our swimsuits to drive back home.

Ah, good times. Music is always there and means so much. I don't know what I would do without it. Live would be so much more boring.

Mood: Reminiscent
Music: Alkaline Trio


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