Thursday, January 13, 2005

Don't hold your breath.

Well, I'm off for the long weekend. I'm headed up to see my brother and sister at their school tomorrow night and then onto NC to stay with my parents for the weekend. I have a dentist appointment on Monday morning to get some fillings replaced.

N is taking the dude home with her this weekend. His mom lives in the same town as N's does and she says they are just riding together which I'd like to believe but not sure I do.

I messanged O this morning when she popped online and we talked for appoximatly 2 minutes. That was it. Then she had to go. She has been online all day and hasnt' made an effort to contact me. It's not looking good.

Maybe I meet some cool girls when I go out with my brother and his friends tomorrow night. I might even get some, but don't hold your breath.

I'll be back starting Tuesday. Have a great weekend.

Mood: Stuffed from all-you-can-eat wings night
Music: None


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