Sunday, January 30, 2005

Finally, it hit me.

Today, in between work shifts I was at home doing some banking. When I downloaded all of my transactions from my bank into Quicken, I saw a debit for 72 dollars. I was stunned and worried at the same time. I looked at the date and thought back to last week, racking my brain to try to figure out where I had spent such a large sum. Nothing came.

N was over here taking a nap and I was starting to get worried about my account. I was worried someone had stolen my card, my account number, or worse my identity. I called the bank, but as usual they were closed (don't get me started on the hours bankers keep). I woke N up from her slumber and asked her if she could remember me buying anything. She was still half asleep but didn't seem to remember anything.

By this time, I was almost in a state of panic. Finally, it hit me. The debit was for a strikingly similar sum to my paycheck. As I thought about it more it was exactly the size of my paycheck. I quickly looked for a paystub to cross reference the figure. No luck. I woke N back up to tell her that I think my paycheck bounced.

When I went back to work, the manager told me that there was a mix up somewhere and there way no money in the payroll account. Everyone's check was going to bounce. Fuck, I thought. So, now I have to go through a bunch of shit with the banks tommorrow to get it all settled out. I hate dealing with the banks and I hate dealing with crap like this.

I think I might try to charge my boss a 30 dollar return check fee. I wonder if she'll go for that. Probably not. I'm just glad I didn't go out and spend my paycheck yet. That would have been bad if I had gotten a bunch of NSF fees off of a bounced paycheck.


I did my taxes the other day. My refund is going to be about $320. I'm pretty stoked. It is going to go into the Mac mini/Powerbook fund. I can feel them getting closer everyday.

This is really the first time I've ever saved for any big purchase like this. Most of the time I just put it on my credit card and pay for it later. It's kind of satisfying knowing all that money is hidden in a chest near my bed and I've had the self control not to spend any of it.

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