Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I Shalt Covet

Steve Jobs and Apple formally announced the much rumored Mac mini today. I'm stoked. First thought that camd to mind right after I saw it was I Shalt Covet that. Finally, a Mac that I can afford and in such a tiny, space saving form factor. I was going to order it today but decided against it. My birthday is just under three months away and I think it will be better to hold off until then.

If I got it now, all I would really be able to afford would be the base model, but if I give myself another three months to save and cajole some people into birthday money, I can do it right and get the customized one that I want. So, alas, I will have to gaze at it with longing eyes for another three months until I can get my hands on one.

That's ok, I waited a while to get my iPod and it just made it that much more sweet when I finally got it.

To date I've put away $160 for it. That means I have a pretty good start if I can save a good chunk of each paycheck for it.


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