Thursday, January 20, 2005

I'm now ready to deliver. (Favorite Fuck)

I went to dinner tonight with N and my roomie and ate far too much. Then I went home to N's house and helped her put new sheets on her bed. I'm now home and near ready to hit the sack for the night.

I know I promised a post about my favorite fuck a while back and I think I'm now ready to deliver. This fuck happened a long time ago, back when N and I were fucking on a regular basis. It was probably within the first six months or so of our relationship.

For some reason, she has always had certain powers over me. For instance, on the day in question, she talked me into skipping my Finance class and hopping in the shower with her. I really enjoyed my Finance class so her talking me into skipping required a little persuasion on her part. I remember not wanting to skip, but as soon as she promised me a blowjob I was done for and agreed.

We hopped into that tiny shower in her old duplex and began to shower as most of our showers did, by warming up in the stream of hot soothing water, holding each other in a good long hug. Then I kissed her. We began to kiss and make out; as usual my dick began its march to attention. Soon, things started to get hot and heavy, while kissing her, I reached down to her tender bits and began to feel my way around in between her legs. The water running down and over our two bodies as we began our journey into infinite bliss.

I felt around, slowly parting her outer lips so I could work my way through the folds to the money spot that tends to make her week in the knees. But, before I could navigate all the way there, she pushed me away. She grabbed the washcloth hanging by the soap and put it on the ground. She instructed me to stand there while she went down on her knees. She grabbed my cock with her right hand and slowly lowered her lips onto it. I remember the blowjob being different than any other I had experienced up until that point. The sensation of the hot stream of water hitting me in the chest, running down my body, and N working away slobbily on my knob was pure bliss.

After a short time, she could not keep going (either her knees hurt, or her jaw hurt, I don't remember which). She stood up and told me that she wanted me in her. This of course was completely fine with me, because I was completely riled up and wanted to fuck her anyway.

She instructed me to sit down and lean back up against the back of the tub. I did as she said and crossed my legs Indian style. She then stepped over me with her legs under my arms but over my legs and sat down in my lap.

I remember holding my cock out and watching her spread legs lower down onto it and swallow me whole. As she sat down and took in the entire length of my shaft, she let out a moan unlike any other I'd heard from her. She tried to ride me, but we were in such tight quarters and an awkward position and it was impossible. So, I grabber her tight close to me and we started to rock back and forth. I held her tight and her breasts pressed tight on my chest. As I rocked back, she plunged into me and I got really deep inside her. As she rocked back, she was able to separate herself from me and we got going into a good rhythm.

It was my favorite fuck of my life. Just the different environment of being in the shower combined with the new position and holding her tight, out bodies moving and rocking as one. It was simply amazing for me. I think about it often, and use it as fantasy when I masturbate sometimes.

So, there you have it the story of my favorite fuck. Hope you liked it. I enjoyed writing about it almost as much as living it. Now, I think I'll go masturbate.

Mood: Horny after writing all this.
Music: Matchbook Romance


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