Sunday, January 09, 2005

"Just fuck me as hard as you can, FUCK ME!"

At work, we have the two owners and then they have a manager that helps them run the store. This morning only two of us were working since it is Sunday and the store is not open. It was me and the manager.

Let me just start off by describing the manager. She is 31 and has many qualities about her that are unattractive. But, then she also has some qualities that make her smoking hot and make me horny for her. Her bad qualities are that she is a redneck and smokes. Her good ones are that she has a good body and is funny, and likes to joke around, which I like. I also believe that she is pretty much a good person.

This morning we got to work and started doing all the stuff that needs to get done. We were outside walking dogs and she said to me, "J, guess what I did last night?" I thought about earlier when the week when the boss had joked to the manager that she slept around on her husband. I instinctively replied, "You fucked someone." She said no but that she wished she had *Spark in my mind. She proceeded to tell me about something mundane that she did but the whole time she was talking I just thought about the fact that she said she wished she had fucked someone last night. A little later, we were inside doing some cleaning and she was standing in a tight space bent over. I saw an opportunity to test the waters, I decided to walk by her and let my cock graze the area between her butt and her pussy as I slid passed. My cock was growing hard at the thought of what I was about to do and by the time I touched her I was medium hard. I put my hand on her ass as I slid by. She stood up looking little surprised but didn't protest.

A few minutes later we were up front doing some general cleaning of the store and I kept catching her eyeing me. Finally, I looked over and said, "Is something wrong, is there something I can help you with?" She replied, "Earlier when you slid by me, did you mean to do that?" At this point, it was now or never, the tipping point, the decisive moment when things would proceed one way or another.

I said, "Yes, I did mean it, did you like it?" This was bold on my part, but I figured that if she took it the wrong way, I could play it off as a joke and still be safe. It was at this point where she surprised me and walked over. I could tell by the look in her eye as she walked over that she meant business and we were about to Fuck.

When she got close, I walked into her and kissed her. I gave her a passionate kiss that said fuck me, fuck you, lets fuck hard, now. She took to my kiss and kissed me back hard. She surprised me with how into it she seemed. After just a moment of kissing, I took my hand and slid it down into her scrub pants. I dove in between her underwear and skin, slid my hands down to the jungle until I felt that old familiar feel of lips of sweet pussy. I began to finger her wet cunt as we stood there kissing. This continued on for a few minutes as we both got hotter and hotter.

After a short time, she stopped and pulled me by the shirt into one of the back rooms where we would not be in full view of anyone to walk by the store. We got back to the room where the grooming takes place and she reached for the button on my new blue jeans. She undid the top button and ripped open the button fly. Threw my pants down around my ankles, plunged to her knees and ripped off my boxers. She then dove onto my cock with a force and voracity that I have never experienced. She gave me head like she hadn't done it in years and needed bad. I stood there with my legs getting week and my penis swelling to it maximum limit. It was simply the best head I have ever gotten. I told her to suck it till I came.

Since I have not gotten laid in a while, I was pretty quick to cum. About 5 minutes.

I have an amazing talent for staying hard even after I cum. When I did cum, She took the load into her mouth and then looked up and showed to to me. Ah, what a feeling for a woman to take your juice and swish it around in her mouth and then swallow.

I told her to stand up. She complied, and I took her and bent her over one of the low grooming tables. I took her from behind and grabbed her pants and panties and in one quick motion, they were around her ankles. I grabbed my cock with my right hand and proceeded to tease her a bit as I like to do with women. I inserted just the tip of my head into the folds of her sweet pussy. I began to move it up and down along the length of her folds. When I would reach her clit, I rubbed it in a circular motion, stimulating her and eliciting groans and moans from her. When I was sure she was absolutely dripping wet, I spread her legs and I forced my cock into her with one long hard push. All in one motion, I went as deep into her as I could. She let out a scream that was absolutely animal in nature. I don't know if it was because I hurt her or she was just that pleasured. I think it was the latter.

I began to stroke her slowly at first, the kind of strokes where you bring your cock almost all the way out and then dive right back in again. Slowly, slowly, very slowly. Eventually she could not take any more of this and when I had almost pulled all the way out, she slammed her hips back into mine and yelled, "Just fuck me as hard as you can, FUCK ME!"

I complied and proceeded to fuck the hell out of the bitch. She was screaming and moaning like crazy when we were fucking. Since I had already cum, I knew I wouldn't cum again for a while.

She came but told me not to stop. I was wailing on her when I looked over and saw some lube that we use for the dogs. I grabbed it and squirted a whole dollop right on her asshole. Then I took middle finger on my right hand and inserted it into her pink asshole. She liked this I could tell.

We stayed like that fucking for almost a half an hour. Needless to say, we were a little later than normal leaving the store this morning.


Now, you know what would have made this even better? If it had actually happened. I was off of work today and have never had any sexual contact with the manager, Just a fantasy that I have been cooking up for a week for so now. Hope you enjoyed because I had fun writing it. My cock has been hard the entire time. Now, I think I'll go masturbate to my fantasy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW indeed. Fantasy? I had no idea. Very convincingly drawn. :)

DTG xxoo

10:02 AM  
Blogger Jay said...

Ooh, that was a good one. Very convincing too because most of us guys wasted our teens and early twenties chasing (and not getting) girls our own age. Turns out that we could have gotten women in their thirties and forties, who actually know how to have sex, who actually want sex, and who often want flings.

Keep away from mine though.


7:09 PM  

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