Sunday, January 30, 2005

Pedro was great.

The show on Friday night in Atlanta was great. The opening band wasn't that good, they sounded like generic rock you might find in any bar across America. Perfect for Clear Channel Radio.

Before the show, we went and ate at the famous Varsity. I remember watching the 1996 Olympics and Katie Couric doing a spot there. I remember her saying how great the food was and the place was packed out. I had two chili dogs that were pretty good, along with some fries. It was fun to go and eat there, epecially since it tooke me 9 years to get there.

Pedro was great. It was good to finally get to see them live. One of the things that I thought was really cool is partway through the set, Dave Bazan, the singer asked the crowd if there were any questions. They took some questions and answered them and then did it again later in the set. I thought it was a pretty cool thing to do, I had never seen a band do that. The questions that were asked were pretty good and the answers were funny.

The weather ended up being pretty nasty on the way back. The freezing rain had started by the time we left the show and ice was starting to form on the interstate. The normal hour and forty five minute trip took closer to two and a half hours and I probably saw close to 10 wrecks on the way back.

Have not been doing much this weekend. I rented and watched Michael Moore's Roger and Me. I thought it was pretty good although, I still think Bowling for Columbine is my favorite movie of his so far.

Tonight N is taking me out to a local Japanese steakhouse. I'm pretty stoked because it is always fun to go and have the hibatchi chefs cook for you and do all their cool tricks.

Mood: Excited
Music: Rufio


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