Thursday, January 20, 2005

She missed me, I can tell.

She missed me, I can tell. -- When I got back from my run up to NC for the weekend, N was glad to see me. She had some things for me that she and her Mom had bought. They got me a cool Venus Fly Trap and a few other little suprises. The plant is really cool, I can't wait to watch it catch a bug.

Since I have gotten back, things with N have been going pretty well. We hung out all day Tuesday, skipped class together, and went shopping. It was a pretty good day other than the fact that we were always on the run. Last night, she came over and helped me out for a bit (more on that in another post later today) then we went to get some ice cream. After desert we came back and just kind of lounged in my room for a little while. She eventually decided she needed to go home, but I suggested she stay. To my surprise, she was receptive to the idea but took a little persuading. I promised to run to her house for PJ's and to pick up her dogs if she stayed. She agreed! I was stoked.

So, last night she stayed over and things were good. To my disappointment, there was no sex and no play, but I did get a pretty decent good night kiss. Things aren't perfect, but for the moment they are looking up.

That pretty much sums things up right now with me and N. She is being cuddly and more affectionate with me, and that's great. The other day as we were hugging, she said something that surprised me. She said, "My Mom asked me if I am going to marry you, this weekend." I replied (Heart pounding, hands getting clammy), "Oh yeah, what did you say?" N, "I told her probably."

That made my day, I felt like I was fucking on top of the world. I know we aren't together right now, but I love her so much, and just that quick exchange gave me hope for the future.

So, I'll leave it at that. For those of you wondering where O is, she is sick. I asked her the other day over IM if she was mad at me or if I had done anything wrong. She said no, that she has just been sick and had a lot on her plate. I don't know if she was just blowing me off, or if she just hasn't had the time to see me but wants to. I'll let you know.

Mood: optimistic
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