Sunday, January 02, 2005

That would just be too weird.

I sure am glad I don't come home to these type of messages.

Ok, I guess I should explain the photoblog post that immediately precedes this one. I'm having a party tomorrow for the big game and I'm serving chili to all my friends that are coming over. I won't have time tomorrow to properly simmer the chili for up to 6 hours so I figured I would go ahead and get it out of the way today while I was home cleaning house. I even got to use my new chopper. It worked great. Since the roommates are still out of town, I felt like walking around the house naked as I do from time to time. I am self concise about my appearance and I figured putting myself out there like that picture does is a way to help me grow into the skin I'm in. So, that's that.

I'm stoked about the party tomorrow night. I have invited some friends as well as most of the people I work with. It should be fun, although I don't know how I'm going to seat everyone if they all show up. I guess we will end up sitting on the floor. I really wish O was going to be here. But, if she was, I don't know if I would actually invite her. I don't think I'm ready to mix her and N together. That would be just too weird. She doesn't know about N at all (she's never asked me anything about my love life past or present) and N only know that I have been out once with her, none of the hooking up part.

N and I hung out this evening. We went to Best Buy because she needs to replace her dead DVD player. They didn't have the one she wanted to we are going back tomorrow when it comes in. I also picked out some Xbox games (1, 2) that I think I'm going to buy. We headed down to Old Navy and looked around for a bit. I found an awesome beanie (it is that style but says I love Snow, and is navy and red). I went up to get it priced checked because it didn't have a price tag and it turned out to be $.97 That was a deal too good to pass up so N got it for me. N and I had a good time shopping, we held hands and flirted as we walked from store to store. Next, we went to McAlister's for dinner and had potato soup in bread bowls. To finish off the night we came over here and she played some Fable. We have been getting along great lately, but I don't think she feels anything sexually for me anymore. That has me really frustrated and sad. To cheer me up, I have been thinking about my single favorite fuck with her. I think I'll be blogging about that soon. I have been wanting to for a while.

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