Friday, January 07, 2005

Up, then down.

Today has been and up and down day so far, and there is no telling where it will end up. Right now, it's somewhere in the middle. I got up early to go to work this morning and decided to ride by N's house just to see what was going on. (It is only one block out of the way to work so I didn't really go too far out of the way). I drove by one side of her house and didn't see dude's car there. I was elated. but as I turned the corner and drove by the other side, I saw that hers was no either. I was crushed. Up, then down. I know she was staying over with the Dude. She actually told me she didn't stay at her house last night after a carefully worded and planted question from me. I just wonder what is really happening between them, is it really just for companies sake, or are they getting serious? I don't know.

I got to work in a deprssed mood but there were hardly any dogs there that had spent the night and the morning went fairly easily. We hired some new people, so I spent the morning showing a new girl how to do stuff. Every day now, we have a contest to see who can get the most baths done. The winner gets to draw for a prize ranging from $1 to $40 dollars cash or gift certificates. I was bathing like a madman and in the lead till I got to a bichon named Cooper. Well, lets just say that Cooper was a little matted. I spent 50 minutes brushing him out. Then the next dog I had to do was a 145 lb Great Pyranees. Needless to say, while doing those two dogs, my lead evaporated and I was supassed by a margin that I could not make up. That bummed me out a bit because I worked really hard the other day and didn't win, then I worked really hard this morning and didn't win again. I might just give up and bathe at a normal speed then kill myself to finish second and get nothing.

Our boss had been promising us a suprise today for the whole week so, I was stoked about getting it. She took the five old employees outside and said, "Since so and so quit earlier in the week and you all worked so hard and caught up their hours we just wanted to give you the pay we would have been paying them." We all reached into our bags and pulled out $100 bonuses! It was so great. Then we went back inside and the pizza was delivered. They always buy us lunch on Fridays and most Fridays it is pizza. Down then back up.

N has a Powerbook G4 and I love it. If all the rumors are true, I think I am going to get one of the new "headless iMacs." I hope the rumors are true. I love my iPod and the Mac OS, I am what you would call a switcher. Although, I don't think I could or would get rid of my PC, I definitly want a Mac. With my $100 today added to my $40 Christmas money I got in the mail yesterday, I'm $140 on my way to the reported $499 price tag.

So, that's where today stands. I don't know how the rest of it will go but if the morning was any indication, it will be up and down.

Mood: at the moment, up (subject to change).
Music: Arms Bend Back


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