Thursday, January 06, 2005

What do you think?

Last night as I lay down to go to sleep, alone, I started thinking about O and how she will be returning to town in a few days. N got a new DVD player and she gave me her old one for my room. So, now I have one that O and I can watch movies in my room on and not worry about my roommates.

Anyway, I was thinking about her and how much I want to see and play with her. I decided that rather than calling her I would just send her a text message. The message said, "Hi. I've been thinking about you. I want to see you. :)" She can't text back from her phone so I wasn't expecting to get one back from her but, I was hoping that she might call me or something. Didn't hear from her last night, and haven't heard from her today. Bummer. Now, I'm trying to decide if I should give her a call or just wait for her to get back and contact me? I dunno, I will probably just wait on her. What do you think?

N and I are going to do some shopping this afternoon. I'm going to exchange some Christmas presents and return some stuff to Walmart. This evening, she has invited some people over for dinner, I think I'm going to be cooking ham steaks, potatoes, bread, a veggie, and possibly some noodles. With girls here, I don't think I will be cooking naked this time.

My cut on my head is healing. I finally got some neosporin for the cut so it is feeling better.

Mood: Stuffed, ate too many Oreos
Music: Hawthorne Heights


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