Monday, February 28, 2005

A day full of promise.

Edit: This all happened Sunday, I just wasn't able to post until today.

Disclaimer: It's just been one of those days, so here is a warning, if you don't
want to read about me complaining, stop reading now. But, I urge you
to keep reading just to see how fucked up my day has really been.

It started off just like any other day, a day full of promise. I was
not scheduled to work for the first Sunday in recent memory. I had
plans laid out.

I had the intention of doing some serious exercising (mostly due to
the fact that I gorged myself on Mexican last night). I was thinking
of going to the local state park and having a hike. If I didn't do that I was at least going
to go for a nice vigorous walk around here. I was going to get my
bills together and plan out my monthly budget. I wanted to do some
cleaning at my house. My shower was getting pretty gross, the floor
was in need of a vacuuming, and my room needed to be dusted. I was
going to catch up on some serious Halo play.

But, it was not to be. I woke up and it was raining and cold, 47 to
be exact. I thought to myself, that's fine, I'll just do my inside
stuff and then do my exercising later in the day. Well, I looked at
the radar and practically the entire state was engulfed in a massive
mass of dark green. Ok, well I'll find something else productive to

I got up and started doing my daily internetting. You know, read all
of my RSS feeds, hit the blogs I read, surf over some websites I
frequent. All was good.

Then I got a call from N. She was at work and wanted me to bring her
and her coworker some Burger King for breakfast. Generally, I'm a
pretty nice guy and wouldn't have minded driving all the way across
town to Burger King, then even further across town to take the food to
work. But something was different today, maybe, somehow,
subconsciously, I knew what the rest of the day would bring. I didn't
want to do that favor for her, but she does so many for me, that I
relented and told her I would.

So, I hopped in my truck, pushed it down the hill to start it (my
starter is on the fritz, and I am having to pop the clutch to start
it) and went off on a journey to fill the stomachs of N and her

As I was leaving work to head back home, N asked me if I wanted to
get/do something for lunch. I said sure, but then she suggested I
make lunch. Trying to be nice, I said ok, even though I knew exactly
what this meant -- that she would come over after work, I'd cook us
lunch, then she would stay over until she had to go back to work.
Great, there goes my afternoon, at least I still have the evening,

Not so fast my friend.

So, I got home, finished my internecine, and commenced on some Halo
play. The only problem with that was that the internet was acting up
and kept dropping my connection every so often, this had been a mere
aggravation when I was on the computer, because I could preload all of
the webpages I wanted. Trying to play multiplayer video games in real
time online was a different matter. It became an exercise in
frustration. Finally, I got so fed up, I quit.

By this time, it was nearing lunch and I was expecting N to be home
soon. I kept procrastinating on other things I wanted to do, because I was eager to
start lunch and have it ready when she got in. Well, there was more
work to do at work than normal and that pushed her arrival home till
later which really put out a lot of time for me that could have been
better spent being productive.

She finally got home and we ate lunch. It was good, one of the
highlights of the day. Then after lunch we started watching TV and
she asked me if I would come back to work later in the evening.

I knew exactly why she wanted me to come to work. She wanted me to come to work and do all the shitpiss work.

Needing the money and hearing rumors that my boss isn't happy with the way I've been working lately made me agree to going in to do the work. Dammit, there goes my evening. Instead of working out or doing something that I want to do, I was going to spend the evening cleaning, spraying, and bleaching shitpiss.

Alright I thought, what else will life throw at me? Come on, bring it bitch, I can take it.

So, N left to go back to work and I stayed at my house to clean up from lunch and do some dishes. That stuff done, I decided to head on to work, get there a few minutes early and hopefully dip out a few minutes early too.

When I got there, my first task was to clean the walls in daycare. Not too big a deal, pretty much just spray them down with a bleach solution, then scrub them to get the dirt/shitpiss off. I took to the job as an opportunity go get my heart rate up and get at least a little exercise for the day. Scrubbing floors and walls is no fun, I've learned that with this job. So, after 50 minutes worth of effort, I got the walls done and headed on to my second task. To clean all the trays and dri-dek that had been pissed on or shit in during the course of the preceding 24 hours.

There were a fuck load to do also. I got busy doing them, laying the trays out, separating the dri-dek and then bleaching, scrubbing and washing off.

Well, just as I stepped outside to do the deed, it started to rain again. (Keep in mind it's in the mid 40's by this time of night.) So, I worked anyway, and the rain kept coming anyway. Within minutes it had shifted from sprinkle, to steady, to downpour.

So there I was, cleaning and scrubbing shitpiss for a solid hour and fifteen minutes, in a downpour worthy of the great northwest. It sucked, at least I had a Gore-tex jacket that at least kept my torso dry.

After the cleaning, there were some more miscellaneous tasks to finish then time to head home. I collected my beagle, put her in the truck, pushed the truck to get it started and we were off.

When I got within a half mile of my house, I was sitting, driving, resting my right hand on the seat next to me. The next thing I know, I feel something strangely warm and wet cascading through my fingers. I look over and Delilah has decided to squat and piss all over my vinyl seat and hand. I start yelling for her to stop and as I barrel through an intersection at 45 mph, I rip off my already rain soaked hoodie to try to dry up the river of pee she has just released all over my seat. At this point, she gets scared by my yelling and flailing and climbs down on the floor, over the gear shift and in between my legs.

So, there I am barreling down a hill, trying to dry up pee, with a dog between my legs, and the cars in front of me start to stop. Shit, Shit, Shit. I try to brake, but she is on the brake pedal and I cannot reach it. I yell for her to move, but she is stuck.

I grab her by the collar and haul her up in between the door and myself, and then slam the brakes. Luckily, I avoided and accident, but just barely.

With such grand plans for the day, I was hoping that it would be great. I guess life had different plans. Of a day that started out with so much promise, it turned to shit pretty quick.

Hope your day was better than mine.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Damn that's hot. Mt. Hood, from Vancouver. Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Father's Day 03, Bald Mt, on the A.T. Posted by Hello

Getting the Urge

I've always been into doing things in the outdoors. I've always had an adventuresome side. Lately, I've been getting the urge to go do some hiking on the Appalachian Trail (AT). I've been secretly starting to plan an AT excursion this summer for a few weeks now. Ideally, I'd like to take three months to through hike the thing, all the way from Springer Mt to Katahdin but that isn't really feasible at this point in my life, so I guess a 5 day 40 to 50 mile hike will have to do instead.

I've already got a good portion of the equipment that I would need for such an adventure. I've collected it through either my European excursion or through gifts meant for the camper in me who rarely gets the chance to practice the act. For instance, I've got a North Face tent in my closet that has only seen two campsites. How sad, but I think I'm going to change that.

There are only a few critical items that I really need to acquire before I can just take off and do it. With working full time this summer cleaning shitpiss, as I am planning, I should be able to afford these things. All this is just in the planning stages right now, The clouds of ideas are starting to form and come together in what I can tell will be one heck of a thunderstorm.

I'm already getting excited, and this proposed trip is still at least three months away. As more things become planned and more becomes known I will be sure to write liberally about it.

Music:Breakup Mix

Big mistake.

Today started out as a good enough day. I went to class, it was informative, I did some productive things, got to play some Halo. It was a pretty good day. Then the evening came.

There was a meeting at work to hand out paychecks and review the goings on for the last two weeks. N and I decided to head over a bit early and walk on a new walking path that has been paved over near our work. The walk turned out nice... for the most part.

I have really started getting into walking and trying to be more physically fit. You know, eating better, exercising semi-regularly. Well, I have taken an affinity to walking briskly with the iPod blasting tunes or Radio Bam into my ears.

As I said earlier, the walk tonight was fun, although the pathway could use some better lighting. We arrived back at work for the meeting a few minutes early so I decided I would continue to have a little jog around the parking lot.

Big mistake.

Through some inexplicable events I managed to turn my ankle again. This time it seems worse than the first. I heard another pop as it turned. This makes two times in less than 2 months. I have been meaning to get to the doctor, but my ankle has been more of an annoyance and not really a bother. Until now. I think something is seriously wrong with it. Either I have broken something way down in the metatarsel portion of my foot, or I've stretched the hell out of a ligament/tendon. I guess tomorrow, we will find out when I get back from the doctor.


Last night I called the girl. Through her blog, I got the feeling that she has been down lately. I decided to call her to say hi and make some conversation. You know, just to be nice and try and make up for any portion of her downness I might have caused. I think she appreciated my call. She seemed like she wanted to talk with me, except for how sick she was.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

When it rains, it pours.

For the second time in a week, I drove through the streets of my sleepy little college town smelling of girl, and her sex. When there's drought, it sucks, but when it rains, it pours. More on that later...

The dinner was really good

Wow. Just when I thought life was getting back on track, more stuff just keeps happening.

Last night, the Tsunami Benefit was really really fun. I'd say it was way more fun than the benefit I went to back earlier in the month. If I had actually paid the $50 donation fee, I wouldn't have felt guiped like I would have at the last one.

I ended up going all GQ style, maroon button down, suit jacket and jeans. I felt sexy and from what I hear, looked sexy too. The event was held at a local restaurant. Recently they have expanded to offer a sushi bar along with a Thai food section in addition to their Chinese Buffet. The event was held in the Thai room which was really well put together.

After we looked at all the silent auction items, N and I found a booth and sat down. The food was late in coming out, so we had a bunch of time to kill. We just sat there and chatted and people watched. As usual, we offered each other lots of commentary about the assortment of folks that attended. It was actually really well attended, from local businessmen and women to the football coach to professors to just regular rich folks.

The dinner was really good. N and I ended up sitting in the booth by ourselves, so when the food was brought out, we got 4 peoples portions to split between us.

They started us out with some spring/egg roll type things. They were really good and definitely my favorite part of the meal. Then we were brought a lettuce wrap that you stuffed with a mixture of veggies, beef, and chicken. Although I'm not the biggest veggie fan, the beef and chicken was really good. Then a chicken/coconut soup was brought out. It was nasty. I'm not a fan of coconut at all, and that's probably the reason why I didn't like it. Next was some cooked sushi. I'm not really a big sushi fan, but I gave it the ol college try and had some. It was ok, but nothing I would actually pay for. Then the entrees came out. They included, rice, spicy curry beef, pineapple shrimp, and Pad Thai Chicken. They were pretty good, the Pad Thai was my favorite.

After we were done and the silent auctions closed, we went up to pay for the things that N had bid on and won. As we walked out the door, I noticed the football coach standing there. I hadn't ever met him, but had always wanted to, so I went up and introduced myself. It was cool getting to meet him, he's a nice guy as far as I can tell.

N asked me to stay over at her house, so we came back to my apartment and picked up my stuff. Then we headed over to her place, where the real fun began...

I'll leave that for another time.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I'm thinking of trying to go all GQ style

With thunderstorms looming in the North, I decided not to walk last night. Instead, I decided that I would do some sit-ups and push-ups. I decided that I would do fifty-push ups and one hundred sit-ups. The first ten push-ups went great. Then it started to kinda get tough. I limped my way to 25 and quit. I'm such a wuss. Then I was going to do the sit-ups, but I couldn't find a good place to brace my feet, and we all know how tough and unproductive it is to try and do situps with no one holding your feet. So, that sucked.

Today is the career fair at school, and since I'm getting close to graduating, I decided to get all dressed up in my suit. I have been cultivating a relationship with Target, specifically a distribution center up in north Alabama. I'm not sure if I actually want to work for them, but they are an option. So, I'm making sure they know who I am and that I'm a good candidate for their open positions.

Tonight, I'm going to a benefit for the Tsunami victims. It's called A Taste of Thai: To Benefit the Victims of the Tsunami Disaster. I don't know how much fun it will be, but the Thai food should be great because it's sponsored by a good local resteraunt. And thanks to my boss, N and I are going free. Not bad considering it is a $50 dollar donation to get in.

I'm not sure what I'm going to wear. I doubt the event will be too formal, but to be on the safe side, I think I'm going to get dressed up. I'm thinking of trying to go all GQ style and wear my suit jacket with a pair of jeans. That way, I'll be dressed but, but dressed down at the same time. Plus, I feel good when I get all dressed up, it makes me feel sexy. I don't know, we'll see how it turns out.

Don't worry, I'll write all about it.

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Monday, February 21, 2005

The drought ended

On Friday night I went over to the girls house from class that I've been talking to for a few weeks. They party wasn't much of a party, but the people that were there were lots of fun and I was enjoying myself. I had a really good time in fact.

She was dropping hints all night that she was pretty into me and wanting to hook up. I did my best to give her the same impression, because I was interested in hooking up with her too. Then, we went to her bedroom to look at something on her computer, and next thing you know we are going at it. She was really into it, as was I. I've never been with a girl like that who was interested in just straight out, hard core fucking, but she definitely was.

The drought ended, and I got leid. It was great. The sex was great, everything about it was great. I'm not going to take the time to explicitly recount the experience now, but maybe at some point I will feel like it. I stayed with her the rest of the night and woke up early (6 am) to go to work.

When I got home, I realized that I had three massive hickeys on my neck. Since I was headed off to work, and N would be there, I realized this was not good. I wasn't particularly interested in sharing the experience with my colleagues, and I knew if they saw them, they would pretty much harass me for a long time. So, I found a hoodie that did a sufficient job of covering the evidence and proceeded with my day.

Later that night after work, I went out to dinner with N. While we were standing in line at the sub shop, she noticed the hickeys and questioned me about them. I told her the truth, that I had hooked up at the party that I went to. After we sat down at the table to eat, she asked me if I had slept with her.

I was really caught off guard by that, and didn't really know how to answer there, in that public place. Seeing an out of the situation, I shrugged it off and said no. (Not the wisest decision I would soon learn) I didn't deny it because I had done something I was ashamed of or anything, I just honestly was caught off guard and didn't know what to do (Read: Deer in headlights).

After I dropped N off, I headed home. Halfway home, I got a message on my phone saying, "You are a liar, and if you are going to lie again, you better cover your tracks better!" Shit. Shit. Fuck.

Apparently, N went home, looked the girl I slept with up on The Facebook, and subsequently found her blog which contained a recount of our escapades.

I immediately turned the truck around to go back to N's and fix what I had just broken. After a lot of drama, I finally convinced her that I was put on the spot and didn't lie maliciously. Although I know what I did was wrong and hurtful, like I said previously, I didn't mean it and probably would have told N about what really happened shortly after, at a more private moment.

I went to the library last night with the girl so that we could work on an anthropology project, it went pretty well. I really like the girl. She is really nice and lots of fun to hang out with, so hopefully I can still continue to hang out with her.

So that's how I spent my weekend. Crazy eh? A lot happened really fast and I was running a million different directions with my mind going a million more. That explains my lack of good solid posting lately.

Things are still pretty crazy in my real life, due to it being that time of the semester. Hopefully I will have some good posts coming up this week. I'm already starting to formulate a few ideas, and the seeds are starting to grow.

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I know this is all very cryptic

It's been an up and down weekend. For a while it was great and I was really up, then some stuff happened, and it really brought me down. I know this is all very cryptic and uninformative right now, but later it will make perfect sense.

I feel a lot better since I got to talk a bit of it out last night. I should be ready to write about it all either tonight or tomorrow. I just have a lot of school work to tackle right now. It's getting to be that time in the semester. Ugh.

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Lost in between sheets and dreams

I'm overwhelmed at this point. I have a lot of stuff running around my head and I don't feel like I can sit down and articulate it all right now. I've been thinking about how I would approach this post all day and I still have not formulated a good strategy. It has been a very up and down last 24 hours.

I had a good evening last night. It was very good in fact. Much fun and pleasure was had. But, I don't feel like writing now.

So, I'm going to bed early, to get lost in between sheets and dreams.

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Stay there with your baited breath

Just to let everyone know, Quicken informs me that I have $.22 in my account. I get paid again in 7 days, can I make it? Sure I can, I'm a college student, this is normal, the status quo.

My roommate left town this weekend. He is heading up to Kentucky to meet a girl whom he has been chatting up online for quite some time now. Since he is out of town, that means I have the apartment all to myself this weekend, and you know what that means.

It's funny, he is going up to see this girl who he met on The Facebook. The Facebook is basically a social networking site for colleges. You can add friends to your friends list, send messages, just like Friendster, Orkut or any of the other social networking sites.

My roommate is one of those fellows who was a cool guy in high school. He was part of the in crowd, the crowd that most of us weren't part of but desperately wanted to join.

I remember back not too many years ago when meeting someone online was for losers who couldn't meet someone in the real world. It was for those weirdos. Online dating, eww. No self respecting person would get involved in something like that.

Well times have changed, and now it is completely acceptable to meet, greet, and beat with someone you met online. No one looks down on it or even gives it much of a second thought.

So we come to this, my roommate is on his way to Kentucky in search of action with a girl he has never met. Just weeks ago he went and hooked up with another girl across the state who came from Mississippi to meet him. How did they meet? The facebook. She also brought two of her other friends with her who were meeting boys that they also met on the facebook.

I myself have hooked up with a girl I met online. You all know her as O.

I just think it's really funny now something for the untouchables has become so mainstream and accepted in such a short time.

This weekend, my roommate, the cool guy is driving seven hours in search of a hookup, and I'm going to a party.

Stay there with your baited breath, when we reconvene Sunday or Monday, I'll let you know how it all went.

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That just about does it for me.

In my promotion strategy class, I sit next to this girl who I have been talking to a little bit the past week or so. She mentioned to me that she sees me walking to class every morning, and the conversation snowballed from there.

The girl is pretty cute, in fact, I'd do her.

Today, before class I asked her if she thought we would get our tests back. She said that she hoped not because she thought she did bad and it would just ruin her weekend. Well when the professor came in, he had tests to hand back. I said to her, "At least you will be able to drink your sorrows away." To which she curtly replied, "Oh, I don't drink." Damn, never a good sign, I saw things going downhill from her as far as my prospects with her. I mumbled something about her sleeping her sorrows away instead, but it was too late to redeem myself.

After class, I headed home and was well into the 15 minute walk to N's house to get my truck when I heard a horn beep. I looked over into the road and it was her honking and waving. I waved back and examined her Yellow beetle.

On the back bumper there was a Young Life sticker. That just about does it for me. Even though I don't really know the girl, from the revelations of today, I can make some pretty accurate assumptions about the rest of her life.

I'll pass thanks. Not my type. It's really too bad to because, she is super cute and I initially thought she had lots of potential. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to settle for the conversation.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

What a strange feeling.

It's been a pretty good day.

I got to spend the morning playing Halo, which is always a good time. It turned out that there was no Anthropology, so my gamble paid off and I didn't end up missing anything.

Golf was ok. Don't get me wrong it was fun, but the weather didn't exactly cooperate, I was hoping it would be more bluebird and less dreary. I played like crap, but that might have been because the last time I picked up my clubs was about 10 months ago. That's ok though, with working this summer, I'll probably play more often.

I went over to N's tonight to cook her dinner since she is still so sick. The spaghetti was really good as usual, much better than the Danged Quesadillas that I made last night for myself. While I was there, I watched some TiVo and then we watched Lost.

Something pretty strange happened while I was there, it was a bit of a surreal experience.

My dad called me from JFK airport in New York. I knew he was going on a trip sometime soon to the far east because he has been telling me that he is delivering a keynote at a flat panel display conference in Taiwan. It was no big surprise to hear from him, he tends to call me to chat before he gets on long flights. What was a surprise was to find out that Mom was with him. Apparently, she will be joining him in Taiwan for a few days then head back, as he continues on to Singapore and mainland China.

The really surreal thing that he said to me was, "J, this is something you need to know, we had our wills checked out and they are still valid in NC even though they were drafted in WA. If something were to happen they are in the hall closet, in the filing cabinet, in a brown paper envelope." I thought that was a bit weird. Not that anything will probably happen, but if something were to, all of the kids are of legal age now, and I would probably be the executer of the estate. What a strange feeling. I mean, there really wouldn't be any grandparent issues like there would have been if we were younger, it would just be me, my brother, and sister to settle it. How strange. I guess I am and we are all really grown up.

It's something I never thought of and something I truly hope I don't have to deal with for many years. But, I guess in a since some of my naivete about the world was taken away tonight, and the thought of me being the executer of my parents estate will always be in the back of my head from now on.

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On the links. Posted by Hello

It's not worth the price of free

I was going to go to Anthropology today, but there is a chance the professor might not be there and therefore no class. So, I've decided to take my chances and not attend regardless.

I was going to recommend this free album from the iTunes Music Store, but after listening to it, I don't even know if it's worth the price of free (save for one or two songs). So, if you want some free music, go download it, if not don't bother, it's nothing special.

I have two classes today that I'm actually planning on attending. Then it's off to the links with my roomate. They are running a special. A buck a hole with cart on the short course. You can't beat that $10 bucks for near Championship level golfing action! The best part is, we pay for 9 and generally end up playing 18.

No, I don't feel the least bit bad. I'll see you on the links.

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Monday, February 14, 2005

Look at my big nuts... I found them at the tennis courts yesterday. Apparently, they are from a Burr Oak (Quericus Macrocarpa).  Posted by Hello

Tied up, but in a more literal sense.

It's Valentines day, today, half the country is fucking like billy-goats, and the other half is bitter. Where does that leave me? Oddly enough, somewhere in the middle for a change.

I asked N over for dinner. I made some really good chicken enchiladas. My roommate ate with us and it was nice. Unfortunatly, the bottle of wine that I had such high expectations for was a complete waste. It was pretty terrible in fact. At least the dinner I made was good.

N got me a nice card as well as a cool owl whistle. He is pretty cute and now prominently displayed on my monitor. I got her some birdseed for her Goldfinches and a candle thing that burns scented wax. Too bad I'm poor, I would have gotten her something nicer, she seemed pleased though.

I gave N back the cold that she originally gave me, so, she was feeling pretty bad all day today. She asked for some help doing some work for her technical writing class and I obliged. She ended up falling asleep on my bed as I did the work for her.

Just about that time, I got into a drunken conversation with the girl from class that I have been talking to recently. She sounded like she was having a pretty good single time over at her place, but I could tell she was yearning for the company of a boy. Maybe it was this exerpt from her blog that gave it away for me:
i wish i was havin some valentines day sex. and when i say valentines day sex i dont mean no oh i love you sweet gentle sex. i wish i was havin some valentines day fucking sex.
wouldnt it be a lovely surprise if the boy i wanted to see stopped by? oh yes. it would be.
Could the boy in question be J? Me? Oh, I'm not sure, but I have a sneaking suspicion.

So, there I was, the girl I spent Valentine's day with asleep on my bed (no possibility of getting any action) and the girl I was talking with asking me to come over (very good possibility of getting action). And, what did I do. I declined, telling her I was tied up. Which was true, but I know where I would have rather been. Tied up, but in a more literal sense.

Well, here's to Valentine's. I just hope you find yourself in the half that's fucking like billy-goats rather than the half that's bitter.

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after I have already been so forward

There she sits, in the front row of the class. As the professor talks about the nuances of Tetnus, I cut my eyes to the left, up to the front and look at her. I hope she looks at me so I can flash her a smile. A way of saying, 'Hi, I'm a geek and girls make me nervous sometimes. But, I have a nice smile, see?' She's really quite cute, with the look of a Sucide Girl. (And, with my definition of beauty, that's a definite compliment.)

It was my intention to say hello, to introduce myself, to put a voice to the face, to the one who types messages online. But, I chicken out, and hurry to my next class. Avoiding the meeting, avoiding the potential embarrasment, the awkwardness.

After all why should it be so hard, after I have already been so forward?

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

I had a whole good post planned out

Almost ready for bed after a day spent working, gaming, and playing tennis. I worked a full day today. It's really hard going to school all week then going and working a full weekend cleaning up shitpiss. But I do what I have to do, right?

I'm almost back from my cold. It was a hard fight, especially yesterday, but I think I got the best of it and after a good nights rest tonight, I should be back in top form tomorrow.


I had a whole good post planned out. I thought it all up in the shower, but I got called into the living room to watch a bit of Boogie Nights with my roomie. Now, after watching Dirk Diggler band Juilianne Moore, I've forgotten what I was going to write.

It's nights like these when I wish I was going to bed with a warm body. I guess my heating blanket and Beagle will just have to do instead. Goodnight.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Don't be a Gaper.

This excellent site came up on my Digg feed. I have throughoghly read the contents and now consider myself an expert. A lot of these rules are common sense and have been spread throughout the contry to become commonly accepted. Others are new to me, and I look forward to practicing them.

Now, go and read the Shotgun Rules. And don't be a Gaper.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I find myself wanting to be that boy.

I submitted my article to Boing Boing. I've had a good deal of positive feedback from friends and family so I thought maybe they would pick it up and run it on their blog. That would get some great exposure I'm sure, I might even get some new readers out of it.

I've been feeling pretty crappy the last few days. I've been on the verge of getting sick, but I think all the pills and vitamans I've popped have prevented me from getting full on ill. I went to class early this morning and upon coming home I felt pretty bad after walking in the cold so I decided not to go back to class this afternoon. I wanted to go back because we had a fieldtrip scheduled for my Environmental Problems class to an on campus stream that is being polluted by raw sewage, but I just couldn't muster myself to do it. So, I slept instead.

A funny story about walking to class this morning though.

I am a big fan of Bam Margera and the whole CKY crew. If you are not familiar with them check these out and familiaize yourself CKY, Bam. Anyway, Bam and the crew now have a radio show on Sirius. Since I don't have Sirius, I found a place to download all the shows. I've been recently listening to them on the iPod. Basically, the whole show is just Bam and his friends sitting around shooting the shit and telling stories about all their misadventures. It's pretty funny, especially when you are as big a fan as I am, you get the back stories on a lot of the things you have seen go down on video over the years.

Well, I was walking to class today and they started telling some seriously funny stories. I couldn't help but laugh out loud to myself. I caught the people around me looking at me and giving me the strangest looks. I admit I'm sure it was strange to see this guy in cords and a peacoat, head down, walking quickly just bust out laughing for no apparent reason. But trust me, had you or they been hearing what I was hearing you would have been laughing your ass off too. It was a bit embarrasing, but I got over it.

I started talking to this girl who is in one of my classes. I read her blog, which is quite interesting. She seems to be in the same situation that I'm in, as far as not getting leid. I don't think her blog is intended to be erotic, more just commentary about her life, but I find myself getting really turned on by it and wanting to get to know her more. In her blog, she pines for a boy to cuddlefuck with. I find myself wanting to be that boy.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Tie up some loose ends

I feel like I've left a bunch of half told stories laying around the blog lately, so I'm here to tie up some loose ends.

Last weekend, in between hours spent at work I had to move out of my garage. I was pretty bummed because I really liked having the garage. It was a great place to store stuff and good to park the truck and scooter in the keep them out of the elements. So, it took a few hours but I got all my stuff moved out. I was going to rent a 5x10 storage unit to keep it all in, but I managed to squeeze it all in a storage unit that we already have. I decided to park the scooter in the hallway on the ground floor below us. The girls downstairs don't seem to mind so, hopefully it will get to stay there.

I got a note in the mailbox from the property manager the other day too. It read:
J, the past due rent owed is $547.50 get with me about a schedule to pay this summer.
So, there it is. I owe $550 in garage fees, and don't really have any money to pay for it. At least she is willing to work with me and let me pay a bit at a time.

The benefit on Saturday night was pretty fun. I am just glad that I got to go for free. The dinner was all pasta without any real meat. (But, what would you expect at a benefit for a Humane Society) Dancing was fun, but I still would have felt guiped had I shelled out the $50 bucks to get in.

Oh yeah, and I still haven't gotten leid. It's been a long time. I need it... Maybe I'll have to conjure up another fantasy like this post and write about it soon, just to blow off some tension.

I got some good response on my tech article that I wrote, but not as much as I was hoping. I got a few folks who requested Gmail invites and gave them away, but I'm still left with about 45. So, if you want one, just shoot me some mail and you will be Gmailing in no time!

Also, reinvigorate is still down so I have no idea how many people are hitting the blog. Hopefully the trend that was showing up a month ago is continuing and readership is continuing to build.

Since I haven't been writing about sex recently though I have no idea if anyone is reading anymore. Hopefully some still are.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Vote for me they all say.

It's that time of the year.

They stalk you. They won't let you have a moments peace. Always there. They are on the concourse, handing out leaflets. They are in the student union harrasing you while you are trying to eat lunch. They want you to pin their name to your pack. They have signs all over town. You see tshirts with their names everywhere.

Vote for me they all say.

It's nothing more than a resume builder for them. Not much ever comes from their work or their election. Not much that I can see anyway.

It's election time for the student government and all I want them to do is leave me alone.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Gmail Invites!

I somehow was bestowed recently with 50 Gmail invites. If you want one, feel free to email me (stackjd {at} gmail{dot}com). I have given all my friends one, so I'm out of people. If you don't have Gmail and use webmail, you need to try Gmail. It hands down beats all other web based email services.

No numbers to fuss with.

I love technology. It's all around me. From the PDA in my pack, the cellphone in my pocket, to the iPod sitting on the desk next to me piping tunes into my head. I am a geek. Technology is a big part of my life, I check Slashdot multiple times a day, I talk tech with anyone who will listen, I have an RSS reader full of tech feeds.

And, I'm not alone, while I may be a little ahead of the curve than most people, technology is playing an increasing role in the lives of most everyone. Each day our country becomes more and more wired and more gadgets find their way into the hands of previously non-tech people. Apple recently surpassing the 10 million iPods sold mark is a good example.

While all this is well and good, sometimes our increasing reliance on technology starts to worry me. I remember back last fall when the hurricanes came through and the power was out for several hours, I felt so lost, so disconnected from everything. I couldn't just walk up to my computer and my always on cable modem to be instantly connected to the rest of the world. I had to read the newspaper to find out what was going on in the world for crying out loud!

I don't think I'm alone either. In fact, I know I'm not.

I got to thinking the other day about my cellphone. I use my cellphone a lot. In fact, like a lot of other college students and a lot of regular people. My cellphone is my only phone. I don't have a phone at my apartment, I find it redundant and a waste of money.

When I want to call someone, I simply flip open my phone, use the up and down arrows to navigate to their name, and press send. That's it, no numbers to fuss with, no numbers to remember, quick, easy, painless. I'm a quick draw too, give me 10 seconds and I can be connected with anyone in my phonebook.

No numbers to fuss with. That seems like such a blessing. I don't have to worry about remembering any numbers, they are all there stored on my cellphones SIM card.

A blessing, but one a wolf traveling in sheeps clothing, I postulate. What happens when my cell phone dies, gets stolen, what happens when I lose it, what happens when I break the screen like I did one day last fall while rock climbing one day at the park?

Well my friend, I'm shit outta luck. There are 34 numbers in my phone book. Some important that I call frequently, some not so important and less often called. If you took my phone away from me, I could probably recite from memory at most 5 of those numbers.

The really important ones, such as my parents home number, brother, sister, Mom's, Dad's cellphone numbers, I'm clueless without my phone. It's really my fault, I really should know these numbers just like I know my social security number. I know they should be written down. I know I should carry them in my wallet in case of emergency, but why should I, they are in my phone, just a few clicks away. Why crowd my already over crowded brain with phone numbers. This is the digital age, I have a device for that!

I don't think I'm alone either. I took a quick sample of my friends. All said that they didn't know some of the important numbers in their cell phones. I'm sure it's the same all across the country, all across the world. And you know what? It's only going to get worse.

As more devices come to market that make our lives 'easier and simpler', I believe that this is an increasing reality that we all face. As our lives get more hectic and time becomes more precious as it seems to each year. Our lives will increasingly depend on those little devices we carry with us.

How do we separate ourselves from our devices and stay complete, autonomous, functioning adults not ruled by the devices we carry and the critical information they store?

That's the question.

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Why, I must say, I do look rather dashing. Thanks for noticing my dear. Posted by Hello

Friday, February 04, 2005

Been a while since a nice long post...

Been a while since a nice long post...

I spent the last two nights over at N's house. Wed night, we went up to Birmingham to eat dinner with her brother, mom, and mom's boyfriend. Dinner was very nice. I stuffed myself at PF Chang's. I get along really well with her mom and brother. Pdragon (brother) and I had a nice conversation, just like we usually do. We talked about tech, his job, and the new house that he and his blushing bride just bought.

Staying with N Wednesday night was good. She has been particularly nice to me recently. I slept terribly that night. Causing her to sleep terribly. I kept breathing through my mouth and breathing really loudly. I think I was a bit dehydrated.

Yesterday was a busy day and I felt like I didn't get a minute to myself all day. Finally, after cooking a nice dinner for N and I she left and I had a few minutes to unwind and have a little me time. Not long after, I got a call from her saying she was having difficulty at her home and needed some help. The dogs were sick, her house messy, and she needed to read for class today. She asked me to come over and help. I agreed, then she invited me to stay the night. I didn't really want to, but I agreed to that to for a few reasons.

Tonight, she invited me to stay over again, but I declined, because I wanted some time along just to hang out, blog, and play some Halo. So, here I am. Alone in the apartment, chilling, blogging and being content (albiet a bit mournful).

Our big benefit is tomorrow night, and I'm pretty stoked about going. It should be a lot of fun. I find it a lot of fun to get all dressed up and go out and be fancy on occasion. If you do it too much though, it can become routine and a bother.

When we were in B'ham, N and I went into Banana Republic. I was looking for something nice for tomorrow night as was she. I hit the sale rack immeidatly because it's usually the only thing I can afford. By chance, there was a jacket there that just happened to be my size 38R. It was really snazzy. And marked down to a mere $149, all the way from $398. Since I'm broke I really wanted it but couldn't afford it.

N offered to get it for me, along with the pants. I didn't really want her to do it because she doesn't really have the money, but she insisted. So, I got the jacket there, the pants were ordered from Pittsburgh and Fedexed. This is what the suit looks like, but it is only a two button, and has an extra pocket.

I'll post pictures sometime Sunday after the event goes down and let you see how sexy I looked.

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This one goes out to the Godfather... Sadly, like the rest of our lives there comes a time when we all must go. His came today. Finally, there is no more pain, only the memories. Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Don't let us down

This is one of the funnier bloggings that I have read lately.

Don't let us down Roman!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Oh, shit. I've gotten myself in deep.

Oh, shit. I've gotten myself in deep.

In the fall of 2003 N's brother graduated and she had to move out of her apartment with him. The small cottage she was moving into wasn't ready so we rented a garage here at my apartment complex so we could store all of her stuff while she was in livingspace limbo.

We stored all her stuff and when time came to move her into her new place we did but there were still some things left in the garage. We had prepaid for one or two months only expecting to keep it that long. Well, two months turned into three, five, six. That stuff was still down there but I had just been too busy/lazy to find another place for it. Eventually I realized, oh shit, we owe several hundred in garage fees.

Well, the office manager had never said anything to me about paying for it, so, I figured she had forgotten about it.

For the last nine months or so, I've been using the garage to park in and store some of my other stuff. Happily not paying rent.

Originally, I didn't want to turn it in because I didn't have the cash to pony up to pay for it. (Yes, I see the flawed logic in keeping it too.)

Here is the text of the letter that I got yesterday:

Dear J:

While doing a lease audit, I found that on July 27, 2003, you signed the Garage and Storage Unit addendum, however you have not paid for the garage since July-August 2003. All rent, fees, and miscellaneous charges per your lease agreement are due and payable in advance on or before the 1st day of each month during the term of your lease. If you will please come into the office and discuss this with me before February 3, 2005, so we can take care of this matter.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter!

Property Manager

Damn, by now I've racked up about 800 bucks in garage fees and I don't have a dime to pay on it. Fuck, what am I going to do? If she calls me on it I'm SOL.

Hopefully she will work with me on it.

Tonight, N and I are going to Birmingham to meet her mom and mom's boyfriend for dinner, it should be fun. I love going to PF Changs!

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