Monday, February 14, 2005

after I have already been so forward

There she sits, in the front row of the class. As the professor talks about the nuances of Tetnus, I cut my eyes to the left, up to the front and look at her. I hope she looks at me so I can flash her a smile. A way of saying, 'Hi, I'm a geek and girls make me nervous sometimes. But, I have a nice smile, see?' She's really quite cute, with the look of a Sucide Girl. (And, with my definition of beauty, that's a definite compliment.)

It was my intention to say hello, to introduce myself, to put a voice to the face, to the one who types messages online. But, I chicken out, and hurry to my next class. Avoiding the meeting, avoiding the potential embarrasment, the awkwardness.

After all why should it be so hard, after I have already been so forward?

Mood: Sniffly
Music: Top 125 most played.


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