Thursday, February 24, 2005

Big mistake.

Today started out as a good enough day. I went to class, it was informative, I did some productive things, got to play some Halo. It was a pretty good day. Then the evening came.

There was a meeting at work to hand out paychecks and review the goings on for the last two weeks. N and I decided to head over a bit early and walk on a new walking path that has been paved over near our work. The walk turned out nice... for the most part.

I have really started getting into walking and trying to be more physically fit. You know, eating better, exercising semi-regularly. Well, I have taken an affinity to walking briskly with the iPod blasting tunes or Radio Bam into my ears.

As I said earlier, the walk tonight was fun, although the pathway could use some better lighting. We arrived back at work for the meeting a few minutes early so I decided I would continue to have a little jog around the parking lot.

Big mistake.

Through some inexplicable events I managed to turn my ankle again. This time it seems worse than the first. I heard another pop as it turned. This makes two times in less than 2 months. I have been meaning to get to the doctor, but my ankle has been more of an annoyance and not really a bother. Until now. I think something is seriously wrong with it. Either I have broken something way down in the metatarsel portion of my foot, or I've stretched the hell out of a ligament/tendon. I guess tomorrow, we will find out when I get back from the doctor.


Last night I called the girl. Through her blog, I got the feeling that she has been down lately. I decided to call her to say hi and make some conversation. You know, just to be nice and try and make up for any portion of her downness I might have caused. I think she appreciated my call. She seemed like she wanted to talk with me, except for how sick she was.

Mood: Worried about my foot.
Music: Pedro the Lion


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