Monday, February 28, 2005

A day full of promise.

Edit: This all happened Sunday, I just wasn't able to post until today.

Disclaimer: It's just been one of those days, so here is a warning, if you don't
want to read about me complaining, stop reading now. But, I urge you
to keep reading just to see how fucked up my day has really been.

It started off just like any other day, a day full of promise. I was
not scheduled to work for the first Sunday in recent memory. I had
plans laid out.

I had the intention of doing some serious exercising (mostly due to
the fact that I gorged myself on Mexican last night). I was thinking
of going to the local state park and having a hike. If I didn't do that I was at least going
to go for a nice vigorous walk around here. I was going to get my
bills together and plan out my monthly budget. I wanted to do some
cleaning at my house. My shower was getting pretty gross, the floor
was in need of a vacuuming, and my room needed to be dusted. I was
going to catch up on some serious Halo play.

But, it was not to be. I woke up and it was raining and cold, 47 to
be exact. I thought to myself, that's fine, I'll just do my inside
stuff and then do my exercising later in the day. Well, I looked at
the radar and practically the entire state was engulfed in a massive
mass of dark green. Ok, well I'll find something else productive to

I got up and started doing my daily internetting. You know, read all
of my RSS feeds, hit the blogs I read, surf over some websites I
frequent. All was good.

Then I got a call from N. She was at work and wanted me to bring her
and her coworker some Burger King for breakfast. Generally, I'm a
pretty nice guy and wouldn't have minded driving all the way across
town to Burger King, then even further across town to take the food to
work. But something was different today, maybe, somehow,
subconsciously, I knew what the rest of the day would bring. I didn't
want to do that favor for her, but she does so many for me, that I
relented and told her I would.

So, I hopped in my truck, pushed it down the hill to start it (my
starter is on the fritz, and I am having to pop the clutch to start
it) and went off on a journey to fill the stomachs of N and her

As I was leaving work to head back home, N asked me if I wanted to
get/do something for lunch. I said sure, but then she suggested I
make lunch. Trying to be nice, I said ok, even though I knew exactly
what this meant -- that she would come over after work, I'd cook us
lunch, then she would stay over until she had to go back to work.
Great, there goes my afternoon, at least I still have the evening,

Not so fast my friend.

So, I got home, finished my internecine, and commenced on some Halo
play. The only problem with that was that the internet was acting up
and kept dropping my connection every so often, this had been a mere
aggravation when I was on the computer, because I could preload all of
the webpages I wanted. Trying to play multiplayer video games in real
time online was a different matter. It became an exercise in
frustration. Finally, I got so fed up, I quit.

By this time, it was nearing lunch and I was expecting N to be home
soon. I kept procrastinating on other things I wanted to do, because I was eager to
start lunch and have it ready when she got in. Well, there was more
work to do at work than normal and that pushed her arrival home till
later which really put out a lot of time for me that could have been
better spent being productive.

She finally got home and we ate lunch. It was good, one of the
highlights of the day. Then after lunch we started watching TV and
she asked me if I would come back to work later in the evening.

I knew exactly why she wanted me to come to work. She wanted me to come to work and do all the shitpiss work.

Needing the money and hearing rumors that my boss isn't happy with the way I've been working lately made me agree to going in to do the work. Dammit, there goes my evening. Instead of working out or doing something that I want to do, I was going to spend the evening cleaning, spraying, and bleaching shitpiss.

Alright I thought, what else will life throw at me? Come on, bring it bitch, I can take it.

So, N left to go back to work and I stayed at my house to clean up from lunch and do some dishes. That stuff done, I decided to head on to work, get there a few minutes early and hopefully dip out a few minutes early too.

When I got there, my first task was to clean the walls in daycare. Not too big a deal, pretty much just spray them down with a bleach solution, then scrub them to get the dirt/shitpiss off. I took to the job as an opportunity go get my heart rate up and get at least a little exercise for the day. Scrubbing floors and walls is no fun, I've learned that with this job. So, after 50 minutes worth of effort, I got the walls done and headed on to my second task. To clean all the trays and dri-dek that had been pissed on or shit in during the course of the preceding 24 hours.

There were a fuck load to do also. I got busy doing them, laying the trays out, separating the dri-dek and then bleaching, scrubbing and washing off.

Well, just as I stepped outside to do the deed, it started to rain again. (Keep in mind it's in the mid 40's by this time of night.) So, I worked anyway, and the rain kept coming anyway. Within minutes it had shifted from sprinkle, to steady, to downpour.

So there I was, cleaning and scrubbing shitpiss for a solid hour and fifteen minutes, in a downpour worthy of the great northwest. It sucked, at least I had a Gore-tex jacket that at least kept my torso dry.

After the cleaning, there were some more miscellaneous tasks to finish then time to head home. I collected my beagle, put her in the truck, pushed the truck to get it started and we were off.

When I got within a half mile of my house, I was sitting, driving, resting my right hand on the seat next to me. The next thing I know, I feel something strangely warm and wet cascading through my fingers. I look over and Delilah has decided to squat and piss all over my vinyl seat and hand. I start yelling for her to stop and as I barrel through an intersection at 45 mph, I rip off my already rain soaked hoodie to try to dry up the river of pee she has just released all over my seat. At this point, she gets scared by my yelling and flailing and climbs down on the floor, over the gear shift and in between my legs.

So, there I am barreling down a hill, trying to dry up pee, with a dog between my legs, and the cars in front of me start to stop. Shit, Shit, Shit. I try to brake, but she is on the brake pedal and I cannot reach it. I yell for her to move, but she is stuck.

I grab her by the collar and haul her up in between the door and myself, and then slam the brakes. Luckily, I avoided and accident, but just barely.

With such grand plans for the day, I was hoping that it would be great. I guess life had different plans. Of a day that started out with so much promise, it turned to shit pretty quick.

Hope your day was better than mine.


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