Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The dinner was really good

Wow. Just when I thought life was getting back on track, more stuff just keeps happening.

Last night, the Tsunami Benefit was really really fun. I'd say it was way more fun than the benefit I went to back earlier in the month. If I had actually paid the $50 donation fee, I wouldn't have felt guiped like I would have at the last one.

I ended up going all GQ style, maroon button down, suit jacket and jeans. I felt sexy and from what I hear, looked sexy too. The event was held at a local restaurant. Recently they have expanded to offer a sushi bar along with a Thai food section in addition to their Chinese Buffet. The event was held in the Thai room which was really well put together.

After we looked at all the silent auction items, N and I found a booth and sat down. The food was late in coming out, so we had a bunch of time to kill. We just sat there and chatted and people watched. As usual, we offered each other lots of commentary about the assortment of folks that attended. It was actually really well attended, from local businessmen and women to the football coach to professors to just regular rich folks.

The dinner was really good. N and I ended up sitting in the booth by ourselves, so when the food was brought out, we got 4 peoples portions to split between us.

They started us out with some spring/egg roll type things. They were really good and definitely my favorite part of the meal. Then we were brought a lettuce wrap that you stuffed with a mixture of veggies, beef, and chicken. Although I'm not the biggest veggie fan, the beef and chicken was really good. Then a chicken/coconut soup was brought out. It was nasty. I'm not a fan of coconut at all, and that's probably the reason why I didn't like it. Next was some cooked sushi. I'm not really a big sushi fan, but I gave it the ol college try and had some. It was ok, but nothing I would actually pay for. Then the entrees came out. They included, rice, spicy curry beef, pineapple shrimp, and Pad Thai Chicken. They were pretty good, the Pad Thai was my favorite.

After we were done and the silent auctions closed, we went up to pay for the things that N had bid on and won. As we walked out the door, I noticed the football coach standing there. I hadn't ever met him, but had always wanted to, so I went up and introduced myself. It was cool getting to meet him, he's a nice guy as far as I can tell.

N asked me to stay over at her house, so we came back to my apartment and picked up my stuff. Then we headed over to her place, where the real fun began...

I'll leave that for another time.

Mood: Whew.
Music: Blink 182 (They broke up?!!)


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