Thursday, February 10, 2005

I find myself wanting to be that boy.

I submitted my article to Boing Boing. I've had a good deal of positive feedback from friends and family so I thought maybe they would pick it up and run it on their blog. That would get some great exposure I'm sure, I might even get some new readers out of it.

I've been feeling pretty crappy the last few days. I've been on the verge of getting sick, but I think all the pills and vitamans I've popped have prevented me from getting full on ill. I went to class early this morning and upon coming home I felt pretty bad after walking in the cold so I decided not to go back to class this afternoon. I wanted to go back because we had a fieldtrip scheduled for my Environmental Problems class to an on campus stream that is being polluted by raw sewage, but I just couldn't muster myself to do it. So, I slept instead.

A funny story about walking to class this morning though.

I am a big fan of Bam Margera and the whole CKY crew. If you are not familiar with them check these out and familiaize yourself CKY, Bam. Anyway, Bam and the crew now have a radio show on Sirius. Since I don't have Sirius, I found a place to download all the shows. I've been recently listening to them on the iPod. Basically, the whole show is just Bam and his friends sitting around shooting the shit and telling stories about all their misadventures. It's pretty funny, especially when you are as big a fan as I am, you get the back stories on a lot of the things you have seen go down on video over the years.

Well, I was walking to class today and they started telling some seriously funny stories. I couldn't help but laugh out loud to myself. I caught the people around me looking at me and giving me the strangest looks. I admit I'm sure it was strange to see this guy in cords and a peacoat, head down, walking quickly just bust out laughing for no apparent reason. But trust me, had you or they been hearing what I was hearing you would have been laughing your ass off too. It was a bit embarrasing, but I got over it.

I started talking to this girl who is in one of my classes. I read her blog, which is quite interesting. She seems to be in the same situation that I'm in, as far as not getting leid. I don't think her blog is intended to be erotic, more just commentary about her life, but I find myself getting really turned on by it and wanting to get to know her more. In her blog, she pines for a boy to cuddlefuck with. I find myself wanting to be that boy.

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