Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Oh, shit. I've gotten myself in deep.

Oh, shit. I've gotten myself in deep.

In the fall of 2003 N's brother graduated and she had to move out of her apartment with him. The small cottage she was moving into wasn't ready so we rented a garage here at my apartment complex so we could store all of her stuff while she was in livingspace limbo.

We stored all her stuff and when time came to move her into her new place we did but there were still some things left in the garage. We had prepaid for one or two months only expecting to keep it that long. Well, two months turned into three, five, six. That stuff was still down there but I had just been too busy/lazy to find another place for it. Eventually I realized, oh shit, we owe several hundred in garage fees.

Well, the office manager had never said anything to me about paying for it, so, I figured she had forgotten about it.

For the last nine months or so, I've been using the garage to park in and store some of my other stuff. Happily not paying rent.

Originally, I didn't want to turn it in because I didn't have the cash to pony up to pay for it. (Yes, I see the flawed logic in keeping it too.)

Here is the text of the letter that I got yesterday:

Dear J:

While doing a lease audit, I found that on July 27, 2003, you signed the Garage and Storage Unit addendum, however you have not paid for the garage since July-August 2003. All rent, fees, and miscellaneous charges per your lease agreement are due and payable in advance on or before the 1st day of each month during the term of your lease. If you will please come into the office and discuss this with me before February 3, 2005, so we can take care of this matter.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter!

Property Manager

Damn, by now I've racked up about 800 bucks in garage fees and I don't have a dime to pay on it. Fuck, what am I going to do? If she calls me on it I'm SOL.

Hopefully she will work with me on it.

Tonight, N and I are going to Birmingham to meet her mom and mom's boyfriend for dinner, it should be fun. I love going to PF Changs!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bmmer, darling. Thank god for credit cards. Or money back from taxes? Eeeuw. I know. Hang in there.

DTG xxoo

3:34 PM  

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