Thursday, February 17, 2005

Stay there with your baited breath

Just to let everyone know, Quicken informs me that I have $.22 in my account. I get paid again in 7 days, can I make it? Sure I can, I'm a college student, this is normal, the status quo.

My roommate left town this weekend. He is heading up to Kentucky to meet a girl whom he has been chatting up online for quite some time now. Since he is out of town, that means I have the apartment all to myself this weekend, and you know what that means.

It's funny, he is going up to see this girl who he met on The Facebook. The Facebook is basically a social networking site for colleges. You can add friends to your friends list, send messages, just like Friendster, Orkut or any of the other social networking sites.

My roommate is one of those fellows who was a cool guy in high school. He was part of the in crowd, the crowd that most of us weren't part of but desperately wanted to join.

I remember back not too many years ago when meeting someone online was for losers who couldn't meet someone in the real world. It was for those weirdos. Online dating, eww. No self respecting person would get involved in something like that.

Well times have changed, and now it is completely acceptable to meet, greet, and beat with someone you met online. No one looks down on it or even gives it much of a second thought.

So we come to this, my roommate is on his way to Kentucky in search of action with a girl he has never met. Just weeks ago he went and hooked up with another girl across the state who came from Mississippi to meet him. How did they meet? The facebook. She also brought two of her other friends with her who were meeting boys that they also met on the facebook.

I myself have hooked up with a girl I met online. You all know her as O.

I just think it's really funny now something for the untouchables has become so mainstream and accepted in such a short time.

This weekend, my roommate, the cool guy is driving seven hours in search of a hookup, and I'm going to a party.

Stay there with your baited breath, when we reconvene Sunday or Monday, I'll let you know how it all went.

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