Thursday, February 17, 2005

That just about does it for me.

In my promotion strategy class, I sit next to this girl who I have been talking to a little bit the past week or so. She mentioned to me that she sees me walking to class every morning, and the conversation snowballed from there.

The girl is pretty cute, in fact, I'd do her.

Today, before class I asked her if she thought we would get our tests back. She said that she hoped not because she thought she did bad and it would just ruin her weekend. Well when the professor came in, he had tests to hand back. I said to her, "At least you will be able to drink your sorrows away." To which she curtly replied, "Oh, I don't drink." Damn, never a good sign, I saw things going downhill from her as far as my prospects with her. I mumbled something about her sleeping her sorrows away instead, but it was too late to redeem myself.

After class, I headed home and was well into the 15 minute walk to N's house to get my truck when I heard a horn beep. I looked over into the road and it was her honking and waving. I waved back and examined her Yellow beetle.

On the back bumper there was a Young Life sticker. That just about does it for me. Even though I don't really know the girl, from the revelations of today, I can make some pretty accurate assumptions about the rest of her life.

I'll pass thanks. Not my type. It's really too bad to because, she is super cute and I initially thought she had lots of potential. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to settle for the conversation.


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