Monday, February 14, 2005

Tied up, but in a more literal sense.

It's Valentines day, today, half the country is fucking like billy-goats, and the other half is bitter. Where does that leave me? Oddly enough, somewhere in the middle for a change.

I asked N over for dinner. I made some really good chicken enchiladas. My roommate ate with us and it was nice. Unfortunatly, the bottle of wine that I had such high expectations for was a complete waste. It was pretty terrible in fact. At least the dinner I made was good.

N got me a nice card as well as a cool owl whistle. He is pretty cute and now prominently displayed on my monitor. I got her some birdseed for her Goldfinches and a candle thing that burns scented wax. Too bad I'm poor, I would have gotten her something nicer, she seemed pleased though.

I gave N back the cold that she originally gave me, so, she was feeling pretty bad all day today. She asked for some help doing some work for her technical writing class and I obliged. She ended up falling asleep on my bed as I did the work for her.

Just about that time, I got into a drunken conversation with the girl from class that I have been talking to recently. She sounded like she was having a pretty good single time over at her place, but I could tell she was yearning for the company of a boy. Maybe it was this exerpt from her blog that gave it away for me:
i wish i was havin some valentines day sex. and when i say valentines day sex i dont mean no oh i love you sweet gentle sex. i wish i was havin some valentines day fucking sex.
wouldnt it be a lovely surprise if the boy i wanted to see stopped by? oh yes. it would be.
Could the boy in question be J? Me? Oh, I'm not sure, but I have a sneaking suspicion.

So, there I was, the girl I spent Valentine's day with asleep on my bed (no possibility of getting any action) and the girl I was talking with asking me to come over (very good possibility of getting action). And, what did I do. I declined, telling her I was tied up. Which was true, but I know where I would have rather been. Tied up, but in a more literal sense.

Well, here's to Valentine's. I just hope you find yourself in the half that's fucking like billy-goats rather than the half that's bitter.

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