Wednesday, February 16, 2005

What a strange feeling.

It's been a pretty good day.

I got to spend the morning playing Halo, which is always a good time. It turned out that there was no Anthropology, so my gamble paid off and I didn't end up missing anything.

Golf was ok. Don't get me wrong it was fun, but the weather didn't exactly cooperate, I was hoping it would be more bluebird and less dreary. I played like crap, but that might have been because the last time I picked up my clubs was about 10 months ago. That's ok though, with working this summer, I'll probably play more often.

I went over to N's tonight to cook her dinner since she is still so sick. The spaghetti was really good as usual, much better than the Danged Quesadillas that I made last night for myself. While I was there, I watched some TiVo and then we watched Lost.

Something pretty strange happened while I was there, it was a bit of a surreal experience.

My dad called me from JFK airport in New York. I knew he was going on a trip sometime soon to the far east because he has been telling me that he is delivering a keynote at a flat panel display conference in Taiwan. It was no big surprise to hear from him, he tends to call me to chat before he gets on long flights. What was a surprise was to find out that Mom was with him. Apparently, she will be joining him in Taiwan for a few days then head back, as he continues on to Singapore and mainland China.

The really surreal thing that he said to me was, "J, this is something you need to know, we had our wills checked out and they are still valid in NC even though they were drafted in WA. If something were to happen they are in the hall closet, in the filing cabinet, in a brown paper envelope." I thought that was a bit weird. Not that anything will probably happen, but if something were to, all of the kids are of legal age now, and I would probably be the executer of the estate. What a strange feeling. I mean, there really wouldn't be any grandparent issues like there would have been if we were younger, it would just be me, my brother, and sister to settle it. How strange. I guess I am and we are all really grown up.

It's something I never thought of and something I truly hope I don't have to deal with for many years. But, I guess in a since some of my naivete about the world was taken away tonight, and the thought of me being the executer of my parents estate will always be in the back of my head from now on.

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