Monday, March 07, 2005

Bodies, emotions, love, and the like.......

I never got around to playing Halo, which is ironic because it is exactly what I want to do now, but can't. My roommate came home and claimed the TV for himself. Now, I'm here, again, bored.

Many things have happened between N and I in the last two weeks. Most of which I have not mentioned her for various reasons (believe me I'd love to share but...). Now, she seems to be crushing hardcore on one of the boys in her class.

After all that has happened, I had hope things were finally looking up, but methinks we are going back down the rabbit hole. All that I feel for her just complicates the issue.

I did what I though was right and honorable when faced with a sticky/tricky/awkward situation at the expense of others (the girl) and now, it is hard to watch/read as she goes on about this boy. I know it is her right and she really has no obligation to me as I have none to her, but after the way I was made to feel for what I did, oh, I don't know.

It's all just such a tangled mess, with bodies, emotions, love, and the like.......

Mood: Really bummed.
Music: Dave Matthews


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