Monday, March 21, 2005

The deed was done.

Tomorrow, I'm headed up to meet my brother halfway between here and Charlotte. He is brining my sister, so that she can come down and hang out for the rest of the week while she is on spring break.

Since my iPod is still at Apple being repaired, I thought I'd burn some new cds for the 6 hours of driving I have to endure tomorrow. One of the cds that I burned was one from Armor for Sleep. What I ended up doing, was putting their new album and their old album on one CD. That made the CD in my truck with only the old album on it effectively obsolete.

As I got in my truck for a quick trip to Kroger, I put the new cds in my visor and tossed the old one down to the floor. As I barreled across town in search of chocolate chip cookies, I realized that something should happen to the perfectly yet 'obsolete' CD on my floor. Once I wheeled into the Kroger parking lot, I reached down to pick it up. It's still a good CD, not scratched, basically perfect in every way, music and physical condition.

I decided that I would spread the gospel that is Armor for Sleep to some unsuspecting soul. I quickly scanned the parking lot and didn't immediately see any candidates for donation, but the late model Mercury Cougar in front of me with Iowa plates looked like as good a candidate as any.

I slid out of my seat, locked the door, and scanned the parking lot for anyone watching. As I walked past the drivers window, I checked inside to make sure there was in fact a CD player. Check. Then I placed the CD down by the door handle on the window.

The deed was done. I went into Kroger and did my shopping. When I came out, I was hoping that car wouldn't be gone with my gift lying on the ground. Joy, although the car was still there, my package was intact. I thought about just getting in my truck and sitting there until someone came out to find it. But, I thought that might be a little weird. I got in my truck, started it up, and backed across the parking lot.

I found a quiet corner and started to enjoy a cookie. I sat there for a few minutes, just jamming out to Sample this, Too. After a few minutes, no one had come out to the car, other cars came and went, but the owner of the late model Mercury was no where to be found.

After several minutes, I lost my curiosity about what the person might do when they found my gift, and I just started to feel weird and stalkerish. I cranked the engine and pulled out of the parking lot, destination home. Never to know.

Did they take the CD, listen to it, and love it like I hope they did? Or, did they just think it was some sort of joke and toss it onto the ground? I'll never know, but hopefully Armor for Sleep has one more fan tonight.

Want to know more about Armor for Sleep? Here, why don't you try a free sample. If you have bittorrent, the first one is free. See how easy it is? It's like a drug.

Seriously, download it, listen to them, love them. They are dream rock at its best.

Mood: Upbeat
Music: The Early November


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