Wednesday, March 16, 2005

"I know that car."

Tuesday morning was a particularly seasonable morning here so I decided to take the scooter to class rather than drive my truck. I was really enjoying the wind in my face and the freedom that comes from riding the scooter when I pulled up to the red light at a busy intersection here in town.

I sat at the intersection thinking about school when the crossing traffic moved from standing still to flowing through the intersection. I watched as cars crossed my view. I noticed a white Hyundai cross in front of me and I thought to myself, "I know that car."

Thinking of who it might be, I glanced immediately at the rear view mirror for the tell tale hang tag. Check it was there. Driver. Yep, it's him.

I recognized our old, grumpy, annoying ex-upstairs neighbor as soon as I saw him -- it didn't take more than a glance.

I like to keep tabs on the world around me, in particular the lives of those who live in the complex with me. Whether it be trying to figure out how many kids the divorced older fellow actually has, why the guy across the streets wife left him, or watching the old couple start dating, fall in love, move in together, then subsequently move out together (presumably for a proper house).

The man who moved in above us was always an anomaly to me. I never quite figured him out. He was such a strange one. When he first moved in, I figured he moved here ahead of his family, the kids might have to finish the school year, then they would move here with him. Well, time came and went, no family ever appeared. In fact, I never saw him with anyone else, he was always alone. Except for one time when he was with a woman, but it just seemed like a date, and I never saw him with her again.

Why would a single man pay all the extra money for a three bedroom apartment when he really only needed a one, maybe two bedroom one? I didn't know, still don't. He obviously had no family, and no pets as far as I could tell.

Things were fine at first when he moved in. He didn't bother us, and we didn't bother him. That all changed several months into him living here. We started to get 'anonymous' complaints filed against us at the office. It was always evident who these were coming from though.

He would complain that we played music too loud too late, or the TV was kept at an unacceptable volume. Fair enough I guess, but that sure didn't stop him from waking up at 6 am every morning on the dot and stomp around his apartment. No kidding, it sounded like he was wearing led boots from the minute he crawled out of bed. Funny thing was, early in the am was the only time he walked that loud... Makes you wonder doesn't it.

Several months ago, he just stopped being around. At first, I didn't even really notice he was gone. I guess one day, I just noticed his Hyundai wasn't parking out front each night. Then I saw the property manager entering his apartment one day and she confirmed for me that he had indeed moved out.

So, fast forward back to Tuesday morning. There he was crossing my path yet again. I didn't know he was still in town. But, evidently he is. He must still be working for the University, because he still had his A zone tag proudly hanging from his mirror.

It makes me wonder yet again. What is he all about? Did he move to a house, or just a nicer apartment? Better yet, did he move because he was tired of us young kids having too much fun and interrupting his sleep? I hope so, cause he was a real ass.

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