Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Less than two weeks out

As it stands today, N and I are less than two weeks out from our 'get our feet wet' hike on the AT. I talked my parents into coming up to the mountain house for that weekend. The plan is to head up friday night, get a lift to Big Bald, hike south for a day, camp for the night, and hike out Sunday for a lift back down to the mountain house. I didn't really think about it when I started planning this, but this time of year it is still pretty cold in the mountains, and the weather is fairly variable. I'm hoping we don't get rained or snowed on. I dont' think that would be good for the first trip into the wilderness.

I did a gear inventory this morning, so I know what we need to go buy and what things I have. I've been consulting the REI webpage a lot because they seem to have a lot of good information. In fact, I used this list to help me decide what we need to take with us.

All in all, things are shaping up and I think that the trip will go well. One thing I am concerned about is that N doesnt' seem to want to do any training with me. I walk most nights in additon to my pushup/cruch routine that I have developed. She is a pretty busy girl and can't/doesn't seem to find the time to walk with me.

We do have plans to go out to the local state park tomorrow and do a bit of hiking, so hopefully that will go well. She has been in quite a funk today. Hopefully that will have lifted by tomorrow...

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