Monday, March 07, 2005

No sign ever came

N stayed over with me on Saturday night and then she asked me to stay over with her last night. I agreed. I had to get up early this morning (6:45) to register for fall classes. So, I got up and registered, which took way longer than it should have. By the time I finished it was nearly 7:40 and getting close to time to wake N up. I rolled over and snuggled up against her. At this point, I realized I was fairly horny and kinda wanting to fool around some. I laid my arm across her stomach. A few minutes later, I repositioned so that my arm slid down closer to her lower parts. After a few minutes I repositioned again (playing it cool the whole time) and put my hand down in between her legs.

At this point, I was starting to get a hard on and looking for some sign from her that I was cleared for takeoff. No sign ever came, so I just ever so slightly started rubbing, hoping to elicit a positive response from her. Nothing. In fact, she reached down and grabbed my arm and put it back over onto me. Damn. So much for that.

What I was trying was innocent enough, I was just trying to give her a happy wakeup. I mentioned this to her after we were up and moving about, she said that she wasn't in the mood. That's fine, at least we didn't get into an argument or anything about it.

I guess I'll have to try again later.

I got registered for classes and everything seems a go for December graduation. At this point, I'm just wondering what kink life will throw in my plans. I know it's coming at some point. In the fall, I'm registered for:
  • Intro to Archeology
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Services Marketing
  • Strategic Management
Mood: Rejected.
Music: Halifax


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