Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Not really a success

Damn, it's been a whole week, and this blog is aching for some new content.

The visit from my sister was really nice last week. I think he had a fairly good time here and I know I really enjoyed having her.

N and I got up to the mountains just fine and did do our camping trip that had been in the planning stages for some time. While not really a success, I would definitely categorize it as a partial success.

We got dropped off at the border of the National Forest, hiked up set up camp and had a general good time until we had to zip up into the tent for the night. It was pretty uncomfortable. Maybe it was the side hill we were sleeping on, maybe it was just the fact that we weren't in a comfy bed, but neither of us got much sleep.

She was physically uncomfortable and also scared. I did my best to alleviate her fears about animals or people bothering us, but I don't know how much good I did. At least she was sleeping at the time the coyotes began to howl and make a racket.

Other than the fact that neither of us go much sleep to speak of, it was fun. The next morning, I got up and was able to do some hiking on the trail. (She went home early due to being cold and tired) My brother joined me and we had a good time.

We got back to town and are heading into a week of lots of work. It is spring break for the University as well as the city schools, so it is pretty hectic around work.

My goals for the week are as follows: watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Extended Edition (that I received for Christmas), plant the garden, start my papers.

So far all I've done is watch movies. Lets hope I get industrious and change that in the next few days.

Mood: Achy
Music: Much the Same


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