Wednesday, April 27, 2005

One hell of a feast come Sunday.

I'm heading out of town for the weekend starting tomorrow. N and I are headed down to see her Mom and enjoy some Greek Orthodox Easter goodness. Finally, the fasting will be over and there will be one hell of a feast come Sunday. Thank God, I've been waiting on this for almost two months now, plus the weekend away from everything will be great.

I happened on my Environmental Problems professor today, she agreed to read my paper and comment on it, so I'm pretty stoked about it. She also told me of another environmental/sustainability class in the fall that is directed at Marketing (read: me) students. I'm pretty stoked about that, and am looking forward to getting involved. She also informed me that one of the leading businesses in the sustainable business sector is located pretty close by and are looking for interns/permanent employees. She will be sending me some info on that soon.

Other than that things are looking not too shabby at the moment. I got a message back from shiftee that she was still interested in going to dinner, it just has to wait until after exams, so that's encouraging.

On a side note, I'm feeling sexually frustrated, I need some lovin. Also, Kevin Smith is now blogging, so go enjoy his boring ass life.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

That makes 8, leaving three.

As I sit here contemplating my state of hugriness, I've decided to blog about the days happenings.

As is the usual Tuesday tradition, I headed out to my volunteer job. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I wasn't really in a very good mood when I arrived. When I walked in, I was happily enlightened by our resident Vet Tech that the afternoon shift neglected to show up (for the second week in a row) and that us the evening shift would need to pick up the slack and do all their work in addition to ours. Being in the bad mood that I already was, this revelation sent me over the top. I promptly punched the cinderblock wall and walked out to cool off.

I hate irresponsibility. I understand that it's a volunteer job and everyone out there is doing it out of the kindness of their hearts, but for fuck's sake, keep your commitments and show up when you are supposed to. There are weeks when I can't make it to my regularly scheduled shift for one reason or another, but I at least try to let someone know that way they can be prepared. If needed, call someone else in to help out. I absolutely hate it when people are flaky and don't follow through on the things they say they are going to do.

Once we got into the shift and hit our stride though, things started to go smoothly and the work got done. One of my fellow shiftees and I have been flirting a little bit lately. I even asked her out a while ago, but we never got back to one another about it. Today though, things seemed to heat up a bit between us. (At this point, I should mention that it is entirely possible that I am imagining all this, as I from time to time have been known to do.)

We were flirting back and forth for most of the shift. As shift winded down, and we were hanging out outside waiting to go our separate ways, she and N started to discuss N's new nose piercing. My shiftee friend mentioned that she has 11 piercings. At this point, I immediately looked at her ears, on the left ear, I counted 4. I walked around her back and to the other side. 4 again. That makes 8, leaving three.

As the conversation between she and N ended, she headed for the kitchen to tidy up the remaining dishes. I trailed behind and when I reached the door, I leaned on the jamb saying, "I only see 8, I guess that means the guessing game should begin." Coyly she looked at me and said, "Well, I have my belly button pierced too." Knowing full well what two places that probably left, I immediately became aroused.

It was at that point that I just wanted to run across the room, bend her over the stainless steel sink and give it to her. Refraining, I instead smiled and uttered something unintelligible.

As I loaded into my car, I waved and said goodbye to everyone, making sure to make eye contact with shiftee. She looked at me and said, "See you soon."

Given my level of horniness and infatuation, I promptly came home and messaged her asking her if she was still interested in going out sometime. Haven't heard back yet, but its only been a few hours. I'll just sit here, fingers crossed.

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Monday, April 25, 2005

I'd never gotten that

I skipped Anthropology today because I had a test shortly after that I desperately needed to do well on. After studying for the majority of the morning, I headed to campus just before noon. I walked onto campus right at noon, just as Anthropolgy should have been getting out. As I passed by the student activities center, I saw one of the guys from my class and he flagged me down.

Walking over to him, I pulled my headphones from my ears and offered a greeting. He went on to tell me that there is no class Wednesday because our professor invited everyone over for a cookout instead. Great news. I asked him if he knew where the professor lived and he said yes. He told me just to take his phone number and to call him closer to Wednesday. As I put his number into my phone and turned to leave, he asked me if I had ever gotten that I look/act like Richard Dreyfuss. With a puzzled look on my face, I told him no, that I'd never gotten that. He went on to explain that apparently, I resemble him a bit, and even act like him.

After that we parted ways, me kind of befuddled. I'd never heard anything like that and, quite honestly I'm not quite sure how to take it. Although I know of Mr. Dreyfuss, I'm not too familiar with him. I doubt the guy from class meant it in a negative way, probably just an observation of his, but still it caught me off guard. Looking through the pictures Google returns, this is the only one where I can see a resemblance. Maybe it's the beard, I dunno.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Party girl

Shortly, I'll be off to Birmingham to pick up my roomate who flew to KY for a weekend with his girl.

Last night sucked. I got over to the girls house and things started out ok. We put the movie in and made some cinnamon rolls. As we sat on the couch, I was ever so casually trying to put the moves on. Nothing conspicous, but if she had been into it, she would have gotten the hint.

I didn't really know this beforehand, but the girl is pretty much a party girl. She had been to a frat party earlier in the day and started drinking almost 12 hours before we met up. She is also pretty much a bimbo, which I'm not really into, but wasn't going to shut it down if something was going to happen. It didn't.

About and hour and a half into the movie, I heard someone honking. Then someone knocked on the door. She got up saying, "They aren't supposed to be here this early, I didn't know they were coming already." She went to the door, told the dude to hold on, went to her room, and came back to the living room. She told me I could hang out and finish the movie. Then she left.

Yeah, that's right, she fucking left me there in her house and went to a party. Well, I wasn't going to stay at some random girls house and finish a movie I wasn't interested in in the first place. So, fuck that, I left, came home, and went to bed.

Fucking bitches.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Headed out tonight

I'm headed out tonight with a rubber in my back pocket. Is it wishful thinking? Probably. Am I counting my chickens before they hatch? Probably? Is it just careful planning? Possibly. Will I blog about it later regardless? Definitely.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Way down on the priority list

I'm still reeling from that hellish week, ending Tuesday, so please excuse my ineptitude in posting recently.

That Anth/History paper I have discussed turned out really well. I think it was only supposed to be about a 5 or 6 page paper, but once I started writing, I realized that there was no way I could do the Lacamas Creek Watershed justice in 6 pages. So, my paper turned into a 15 page behemoth. I'm really proud of it though. I worked really hard on it and I think it is the best paper I've written in my college career.

The other Anthropology paper that I had to turn in at the begining of the week came together, sort of. It was just a draft, so with other things going on, it went way down on the priority list. The paper I turned in was only 2.5 pages, a start, but not what the final version will look like. The professor was discussing his inital impressions of the draft and singled me out to say that mine was well written. That made me happy and gave me hope that the final version will turn out well.

We had our meeting tonight at work. It was good to get a paycheck. They suprised me with a cookie cake and a birthday present, since the bosses were out of town on my actual birthday. The cookie was good and the Lowe's giftcard the gave me rocks. I don't know what I'm going to spent $150 on at Lowe's yet, but I'm sure I'll find something.

That's it for now, just a brief catch up. Stick a for in me, I'm done. Now, sleep.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Rush of work

So, it's been one fucking hellish week. School work galore, kicking my ass up and down. But, as of tonight, I'm finally done with the rush of work that kept me so preocupied for the last week. Expect something new tomorrow.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

You guessed it, carrots.

This afternoon found N and I hard at work in the garden.

I found out through a campuswide email that Alpha Zeta, the agricultural fraternity, had garden plots for lease at a secluded spot on campus. The plots are 25x30 and were a steal at $25 dollars for undergrads. The leases run from March 26 all the way through the summer and fall to Novemeber 12.

My family has pretty much always had a garden, when space allowed, which was most years. I can remember being just a little guy, no more than 5 or so and helping my Mom pick okra from the backyard garden. As I got older, I began to take a more hands on role in the families summer garden. By the time I was in high school and we were living out west, I even had my own section. I remeber one year, I planted carrots as my crop of choice. They turned out to be really good, nice and big, sweet and juicy.

So, this year, I get to garden for the first time in at least 3 years. N and I had lots of fun playing in the dirt today. We put in 5 of our 8 tomato plants, 3 of our 5 strawberry plants, and 4 rows of corn. Yet to be planted are, melons, pumpkins, beans, flowers, cucumbers and yep, you guessed it, carrots.

Pictures forthcoming.

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Sad state of affairs

For those of you who read Backside 180 on a regular basis, you will rememeber last week when I was complaining about my parents harrassing me about money, and how my Dad basically told me outright that I was bleeding him dry. Well, shortly after the conversation that I had with them on the phone in Walmart, I got this email from my Mom. I don't know exactly how to feel about it.

I don't want to be a snotty nosed brat with a sense of entitlement, because I know there are a lot of folks who are way worse off than we are and who would have never had near the opprotunities that I have had in my life, but sometimes I feel like one. Anyway, here is the text of the email my Mom sent me:

Hey honey,

Sorry for the conversation this pm. We are having financial issues
right now. I probably promised you funds for clothes that we didn't
have. But, I was going to make good and I will. The AE account is in
arrears and will have to stay there. In the future, you need to
communicate directly and only with me.

The facts are that we had to unplug the phones this weekend because we
didn't want to be embarrassed by the creditors calling.

We don't have money for groceries until Thurs because we spent our
grocery money on our guests. That may seem like not a problem, but
Dad and I are 50 years old. You are 23, there is a difference.

Maybe I can find a second job at Target, I have been thinking of applying.

Love, Mom

I think it's a pretty sad state of affairs when a couple who makes about $150,000, can't really afford to sent their three kids to college. It's not my parents fault, they are very responsible with their money. I guess life and college expenses are just catching up. Damn the out of state tuition.

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

create small little people.

Coming from Boing Boing this morning on my RSS reader was a link to this cool little site.

It is called storTrooper, and it lets you create small little people. You can dress them up and give them all sorts of funny hair and clothes. I made one and tried to make him look as much like me as possible. What do you think? Not to bad eh?

Have fun! I did.

For whatever reason, I couldn't get the picture to upload, but if you check out the site, you will get the idea. Damnned Hello.

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

The day of my birth.

Today is my 23rd birthday. Happy Birthday to me.

Yesterday I made myself a cake. A simple yet delightful cake. Yellow cake with chocolate icing. As far as cake mixes go, I don't think you can beat it.

I have to work this afternoon from Noon until 6 or so. Then I'm planning on coming home, opening some Birthday cards, having some cake, then who knows. I don't have any big plans, but hopefully N will come over and we can hang out for a bit. Save for the facts that I have to work and I don't get to see my family, it should be a pretty good day, the day of my birth.

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Friday, April 08, 2005

Give up a little to gain so much.

It was one year ago Monday that my life took a turn. In some aspects for the worse, some for the better. This will be a several part series that will recount a pivotal time in my life.

If you're just joining us now, you missed a brilliant speech lets go now live to Part I: On Being Fat and find out what the voters think.

Then, go read the fun post where N tells me Part II: "J, I need a break."

Part III: Comfortable in my own skin

Part IV: Give up a little to gain so much.

I used to sympathize with my fellow fat people. When people would tease me about being fat, I would shrug it off, saying, I'm not fat, I'm just big boned. I was really in complete denial about how fat I was. I just didn't think about it, I kind of pushed it out of my concious thoughts.

Now that I have made certain life choices, exercising more, watching what I eat, counting calories, resisting temptation (Sometimes). I am living happier and healthier with myself. I look around at the world around me and remember what it was like to be fat. I remember how uncomfortable I was about myself. I look around and see all the fat people and the morbidly obese people and I feel sorry for them - living that way when they really don't have to. I know that for the vast majority of them, there is no health problem that makes them fat, there is no medical reason why they are carrying around 50 or 100 extra pounds. It comes down to life choices. Watching what you eat, not overindulging yourself, and being responsible for your well being and physical health.

I understand now that you have to give up a little (some of the joys of food) to gain so much. Now, after being through what I have been through, losing so much weight, going from a 38x32 to a 29x32, I don't feel sorry for the other fat people in the world so much anymore. I don't sympathize with them as much as I did when I was fat. I know now, how easy it is to lose weight and become more healthy. It just takes concious decisions and the resolve of a strong mind.

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Skinny and Healthy

Here I am almost a year later, skinny and healthier. Posted by Hello

Fattest Ever

This is the fattest I ever was. This was taken the first weekend of Spring Break 2004, just a week before N dropped the bomb and I quit eating. Posted by Hello

Comfortable in my own skin

It was one year ago Monday that my life took a turn. In some aspects for the worse, some for the better. This will be a several part series that will recount a pivotal time in my life.

If you're just joining us now, you missed a brilliant speech lets go now live to Part I: On Being Fat and find out what the voters think.

Then, go read the fun post where N tells me Part II: "J, I need a break."

Part III: Comfortable in my own skin

For whatever reason, the whole situation with N killed my appetite. I don't know what it was, but I was so nervous and bent out of shape about everything that my appetite was gone.

It started slowly, but I began to lose weight. I was only eating just a little. Skipping breakfast, eating small amounts for lunch and eating just a little something for dinner. Snacking was gone. I started to drink vast amounts of water during the day. So much so that I peed sometimes 20 times a day.

As things sort of settled down with N, I became used to eating less. The weight really started to drop off of me. Sometimes, I was losing as much as five to 8 pounds in a week. I was taking in a minimal amount of calories, which I began to count religiously.

When the weight started to drop off, I was not eating not because I wasn't hungry, but because I saw the benefits of not eating and I started to like losing weight. It became supremely satisfying to step on the scale and have it say just a little less each day. It was almost as if I became addicted to not eating and to losing weight. When I would step on the scale, and it would read the same as the last time, I would get disappointed.

This continued throughout the spring well into the summer, when I started to eat a little more, and my weight began to stabilize. Those around me were happy for me that I lost so much weight, but they were also concerned too. Where as I used to hear, "you don't to eat that", I was now hearing, "J, you really need to eat something."

My weight dropped from about 220 all the way down to 160. I was skinnier than I had been in years. My watch became so loose, it would slide all over my wrist. My stretch marks faded and became less pronounced (although I don't think they will ever go away, the scars are permanent). I became much more limber and didn't have a gut to get in my way when rolling over.

I'm healthier and happier about myself now. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. I am still unhappy with parts of my body and very paranoid about getting fat again though.

It's funny that such a traumatic time in my life could have such negative consequences in one aspect (love) and such positive impacts in others (life, health).

Part IV soon.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"J, I need a break."

It was one year ago today that my life took a turn. In some aspects for the worse, some for the better. This will be a several part series that will recount a pivotal time in my life.

If you're just joining us now, you missed a brilliant speech lets go now live to Part I: On Being Fat and find out what the voters think.

Part II - "J, I need a break."

Last spring break, N and I split time between our families. For the first half of the break, we went to see her Mom. For the second half, we traveled up to NC to see my family and also see some more of her family.

The first part of the trip was pretty good, just a nice relaxing time. At the time though N was still having some emotional issues. She was still trying to cope with the loss of her Dad and handle school. Her brother had graduated and moved away, so that support for her was lost. She was unsure of where she was in her life and where she wanted to go.

In between trips, we stayed here at home for a night. That night, she went out with a friend. Little did I know, but something happened that night, what exactly, I'm still not quite sure of. The rest of spring break seemed to go pretty well. We got up to NC and had a good time seeing both my and her family.

Then, the morning we were coming home, we drove over to my Mom's apartment to pick up my little sister. (She was coming back to school with us to visit for a few days) On the ride over, she said that she didn't think she would be staying over while my sister was down. This came as quite a shock, because we had stayed together for pretty much the last year and a half so I was a bit taken aback. Additionally, she seemed to be acting weird, something was off. I didn't really know what, but I could tell something was not right.

The rest of the ride home, things were just weird and uptight. I was really nervous about what was happening and all torn up on the inside. I remember we stopped at a Burger King for lunch that day. For whatever reason, I wasn't really hungry. I remember ordering a small fry and not even eating all of it.

That night, after we got home, she went to her house, and my sister and I went over to mine. I was just getting my sister settled in and making her a place to sleep on the floor when the phone rang.

I flipped it open and saw N flash on the caller ID. I was hoping it was her saying she had changed her mind and would be coming over soon to stay the night. Instead, after I said hello, she said, "J, I need a break."

I was floored. I remember telling her to hold on while I walked outside to the balcony. I asked her again what she said and she repeated it. I asked her why and what was going on. She said she didn't know, but that she needed a break.

I didn't know what to do. I cried a lot that night. I'm just glad that my sister was there to help support me. She provided comfort and aid through a very hard night.

Stay tuned for Part III.

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Monday, April 04, 2005

"Here's to better days ahead."

So, today pretty much turned out to be a royally shitty day. This morning I
got up super early to head to work. I read N's blog and found out all that
stuff about her new crush and that put me in a foul mood starting off the

After work, then class, N and I were supposed to head out to our garden
(that will be explained in another, later post) to do some prep work. The
whole afternoon, she was acting really weird. I don't know exactly what it
was, but something was off about the way she was acting. I kept pressing
her as to what it was, but she just kept telling me she was fine and
nothing was wrong.

We got some good work done at the garden, but she didn't seem too into it
and was acting funny the whole time so that was a bummer.
After I dropped her off, she said bye to me and was kind of cold and
distant. That put me in a fouler mood than I had already been about
everything else.

On my way to a volunteer job meeting, I called hoping to talk to my Mom,
but got my Dad instead. He started pressing me about money issues asking
me why I don't support myself more. He was really pissing me off for a
variety of reasons and we hung up angrily.

When I was shopping at Walmart, I called my Mom to get ingredients to a
cake. I started to explain to her how shitty my Dad had been being to me.
Then he broke in (I had no idea he was listening.) That led to us having a
shouting match right there in Walmart by the banana's. I hung up in

It was a terrible day, emotionally one of the tougher ones in recent
memory. I briefly contemplated saying 'Fuck the fasting' and getting
wasted off of Crown Royal, but in the end, I realized booze wouldn't help
my sorrows/loneliness, so I opted for a good solid run instead.

As I sit here sipping my sweet tea, I say, "Here's to better days ahead."

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Fat in June 2003, too. Posted by Hello

Fat in June 2003. Posted by Hello

On being fat.

It was one year ago today that my life took a turn. In some aspects for the worse, some for the better. This will be a several part series that will recount a pivitol time in my life.

Part I

On being fat.

I can remimber being teased for being chubby for a very long time. I distinctly remember in fifth grade, just after I had moved to a new town being teased and called names because I was a little chubby. I went through Junior High with the same group of kids and faced the same name calling and jeers.

Then in my Junior year, I moved out west, away from close minded Alabama. There I met other bullies who would tease much just as much, if not more, for the very same things.

When I was in High School, I was by no means fat. I definitly weighed a little more than I should have, but all the sports that I participated in helped to keep me pretty trim for the most part.

After graduation, I attended a local community college for several quarters. I was less active, still living at home, and put on a little weight. Not much, but some.

Then a year after high school, I departed for a summer abroad. I moved to London for the summer. It was the first time that I had been out on my own, and I did a pretty good job playing 'grown up.' I think I actually lost some weight while I was in London. I was fairly active again, walking through the city, playing football in the parks.

After that summer, I came home and moved away to real college. Here at college, I aquired a taste for beer and liquor, much to my detriment. The Freshman 15 hit me pretty hard, it actually would end up being much more. I spent my first year of school not being active, and taking in way too many calories. Living the typical college life. My first spring break, I spent on Sullivans Island in South Carolina. That week, I drank an entire handle (1.75L) of liquor countless beers, and a few shots. I know I left several pounds heavier than I arrived.

Over the summer, stayed at school, meeting N and starting my relationship with her. For whatever reason, we didn't eat well together. We ate out too much, cooked fattening food, snacked way too much and didn't exercise near enough. After a year of being and living with N, I had balooned up to a much larger size than I was in high school. I was carrying a lot of extra weight, and so was she.

When I was in high school I was a size 32x32 and wore Medium shirts. By the time I was a junior in college, I was wearing 36x32 or 38x32 and XL shirts. I went from weighing a healthy 170 to a FAT 220. I put on nearly 50 pounds in just a few short years.

I began to get comments from people. My grandmother nagged me about getting in shape. My dad had concerns about my health. In short, those around me were worried about me.

I noticed the weight too. Walking to class I would become drenched in sweat, even on mild days. My watch became tight around my wrist. I thought of getting a new link put in it to make it more comfortable. I had other personal health problems related to hygiene. The stretched marks on my sides began to look like tiger stripes. Beet red and generally disgusting. I also got revoltingly large stretch marks under my arms. It became increasingly hard to roll over on the bed without jumping and shifting my ever increasing gut around. I started to get a serious double chin.

I was headed down a road that I know now, I will never travel again. Only something drastic would change the path I was on.

I don't know

N has a crush on a new boy. I really find it torture. I dont' know why I let it get to me, I don't know why I torture myself as I do.

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

"Damn the time change."

As my brother says, "Damn the time change."

Keeping track of this kind of stuff is what I'm all about. I'm usually the guy reminding everyone else to set their clocks so as not to be late or early the next day. Not this year.

I was just starting to stir to levels of conciousness this morning when the phone rang. On the other line was N, "Where are you? Didn't you know the time changed? You're late for work."


Jump out of bed, rush out the door. Forgetting to walk, feed the beagle. Forgetting personal care such as deodorant.

Damn what a start to a glorious Sunday.

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

For those who are interested, this is the section of the Appalachian Trail that we hiked last weekend, as well as the section we are planning to attempt this summer. Posted by Hello

As for my two goals this week

The Pope died today and I just completed the longest run of my life. Whew, what a day.

Please excuse the fact that this post might be all over the place and cover a wide variety of subjects.

Work has been crazy this week, with all of the dogs boarding because of spring break, it has really created some challenges physically and mentally. I clocked 32 hours this week. While that really isn't a whole lot, not even full time, it was a lot for me considering I usually put in less than 15. Also, I worked every morning, which meant I had to rise at 5:30, something I am not used to. N and I got into a pretty heated argument this morning that resulted in me throwing my hat and her going to the bathroom crying. I apologized for being an ass soon after, and I think all is forgiven.

As for my two goals this week, I was very successful with one, and the other was a complete disaster. I'll let you guess which one I accomplished and which one I didn't. Yep, you were right. My papers still haven't been started, and I watched all three Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition movies. I even found some time to start on the appendices.

I have to say, while I understand why there was a theatrical release and a 'directors cut' version, I definitely prefer the Extended Editions. I yet to read the books, so the extra background and explanation that the Extended Editions provided were definitely welcome.

I got a letter in the mail today from Tmobile, informing me that they are upgrading their voicemail system and that my phone will no longer be compatible with all services. They urged me to upgrade, even letting me know they would provide a free phone with no contract extension.

I was intrigued because my phone is pretty old (from July 2003) and I have been wanting to upgrade for quite some time, but haven't had the funds. I have had my eye on this Motorola v300, it has been at least $150 for the last six months and that is way out of my budget. Today when I called, they let me know I could get the phone for $125. Still too expensive. But, they have a new phone, a Samsung that looked pretty decent. A quick google search turned up several good reviews. $45 dollars charged to my account later, I am the proud new owner of a brand spankin new Samsung x475! I hope I will like it. They have a 14 day money back guarantee, so at least I have a little while to check it out and see if it will suit me.

I'm pretty stoked about it, I've been wanting a new phone for a while. I'm just hoping that Smash the Tones will work with it.

I think I have some pretty good content coming up this week. I've been working through some ideas, hopefully they will come to fruition and get put to paper.

Stay tuned.

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Setting up the tent on Big Bald. Posted by Hello

Charlie surveys the surroundings to make sure they are safe for camping. Posted by Hello