Saturday, April 02, 2005

As for my two goals this week

The Pope died today and I just completed the longest run of my life. Whew, what a day.

Please excuse the fact that this post might be all over the place and cover a wide variety of subjects.

Work has been crazy this week, with all of the dogs boarding because of spring break, it has really created some challenges physically and mentally. I clocked 32 hours this week. While that really isn't a whole lot, not even full time, it was a lot for me considering I usually put in less than 15. Also, I worked every morning, which meant I had to rise at 5:30, something I am not used to. N and I got into a pretty heated argument this morning that resulted in me throwing my hat and her going to the bathroom crying. I apologized for being an ass soon after, and I think all is forgiven.

As for my two goals this week, I was very successful with one, and the other was a complete disaster. I'll let you guess which one I accomplished and which one I didn't. Yep, you were right. My papers still haven't been started, and I watched all three Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition movies. I even found some time to start on the appendices.

I have to say, while I understand why there was a theatrical release and a 'directors cut' version, I definitely prefer the Extended Editions. I yet to read the books, so the extra background and explanation that the Extended Editions provided were definitely welcome.

I got a letter in the mail today from Tmobile, informing me that they are upgrading their voicemail system and that my phone will no longer be compatible with all services. They urged me to upgrade, even letting me know they would provide a free phone with no contract extension.

I was intrigued because my phone is pretty old (from July 2003) and I have been wanting to upgrade for quite some time, but haven't had the funds. I have had my eye on this Motorola v300, it has been at least $150 for the last six months and that is way out of my budget. Today when I called, they let me know I could get the phone for $125. Still too expensive. But, they have a new phone, a Samsung that looked pretty decent. A quick google search turned up several good reviews. $45 dollars charged to my account later, I am the proud new owner of a brand spankin new Samsung x475! I hope I will like it. They have a 14 day money back guarantee, so at least I have a little while to check it out and see if it will suit me.

I'm pretty stoked about it, I've been wanting a new phone for a while. I'm just hoping that Smash the Tones will work with it.

I think I have some pretty good content coming up this week. I've been working through some ideas, hopefully they will come to fruition and get put to paper.

Stay tuned.

Mood: Whew
Music: The Get Up Kids


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