Monday, April 04, 2005

"Here's to better days ahead."

So, today pretty much turned out to be a royally shitty day. This morning I
got up super early to head to work. I read N's blog and found out all that
stuff about her new crush and that put me in a foul mood starting off the

After work, then class, N and I were supposed to head out to our garden
(that will be explained in another, later post) to do some prep work. The
whole afternoon, she was acting really weird. I don't know exactly what it
was, but something was off about the way she was acting. I kept pressing
her as to what it was, but she just kept telling me she was fine and
nothing was wrong.

We got some good work done at the garden, but she didn't seem too into it
and was acting funny the whole time so that was a bummer.
After I dropped her off, she said bye to me and was kind of cold and
distant. That put me in a fouler mood than I had already been about
everything else.

On my way to a volunteer job meeting, I called hoping to talk to my Mom,
but got my Dad instead. He started pressing me about money issues asking
me why I don't support myself more. He was really pissing me off for a
variety of reasons and we hung up angrily.

When I was shopping at Walmart, I called my Mom to get ingredients to a
cake. I started to explain to her how shitty my Dad had been being to me.
Then he broke in (I had no idea he was listening.) That led to us having a
shouting match right there in Walmart by the banana's. I hung up in

It was a terrible day, emotionally one of the tougher ones in recent
memory. I briefly contemplated saying 'Fuck the fasting' and getting
wasted off of Crown Royal, but in the end, I realized booze wouldn't help
my sorrows/loneliness, so I opted for a good solid run instead.

As I sit here sipping my sweet tea, I say, "Here's to better days ahead."

Mood: Fouler than Foul
Music: Jets to Brazil


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