Monday, April 04, 2005

On being fat.

It was one year ago today that my life took a turn. In some aspects for the worse, some for the better. This will be a several part series that will recount a pivitol time in my life.

Part I

On being fat.

I can remimber being teased for being chubby for a very long time. I distinctly remember in fifth grade, just after I had moved to a new town being teased and called names because I was a little chubby. I went through Junior High with the same group of kids and faced the same name calling and jeers.

Then in my Junior year, I moved out west, away from close minded Alabama. There I met other bullies who would tease much just as much, if not more, for the very same things.

When I was in High School, I was by no means fat. I definitly weighed a little more than I should have, but all the sports that I participated in helped to keep me pretty trim for the most part.

After graduation, I attended a local community college for several quarters. I was less active, still living at home, and put on a little weight. Not much, but some.

Then a year after high school, I departed for a summer abroad. I moved to London for the summer. It was the first time that I had been out on my own, and I did a pretty good job playing 'grown up.' I think I actually lost some weight while I was in London. I was fairly active again, walking through the city, playing football in the parks.

After that summer, I came home and moved away to real college. Here at college, I aquired a taste for beer and liquor, much to my detriment. The Freshman 15 hit me pretty hard, it actually would end up being much more. I spent my first year of school not being active, and taking in way too many calories. Living the typical college life. My first spring break, I spent on Sullivans Island in South Carolina. That week, I drank an entire handle (1.75L) of liquor countless beers, and a few shots. I know I left several pounds heavier than I arrived.

Over the summer, stayed at school, meeting N and starting my relationship with her. For whatever reason, we didn't eat well together. We ate out too much, cooked fattening food, snacked way too much and didn't exercise near enough. After a year of being and living with N, I had balooned up to a much larger size than I was in high school. I was carrying a lot of extra weight, and so was she.

When I was in high school I was a size 32x32 and wore Medium shirts. By the time I was a junior in college, I was wearing 36x32 or 38x32 and XL shirts. I went from weighing a healthy 170 to a FAT 220. I put on nearly 50 pounds in just a few short years.

I began to get comments from people. My grandmother nagged me about getting in shape. My dad had concerns about my health. In short, those around me were worried about me.

I noticed the weight too. Walking to class I would become drenched in sweat, even on mild days. My watch became tight around my wrist. I thought of getting a new link put in it to make it more comfortable. I had other personal health problems related to hygiene. The stretched marks on my sides began to look like tiger stripes. Beet red and generally disgusting. I also got revoltingly large stretch marks under my arms. It became increasingly hard to roll over on the bed without jumping and shifting my ever increasing gut around. I started to get a serious double chin.

I was headed down a road that I know now, I will never travel again. Only something drastic would change the path I was on.


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