Sunday, April 24, 2005

Party girl

Shortly, I'll be off to Birmingham to pick up my roomate who flew to KY for a weekend with his girl.

Last night sucked. I got over to the girls house and things started out ok. We put the movie in and made some cinnamon rolls. As we sat on the couch, I was ever so casually trying to put the moves on. Nothing conspicous, but if she had been into it, she would have gotten the hint.

I didn't really know this beforehand, but the girl is pretty much a party girl. She had been to a frat party earlier in the day and started drinking almost 12 hours before we met up. She is also pretty much a bimbo, which I'm not really into, but wasn't going to shut it down if something was going to happen. It didn't.

About and hour and a half into the movie, I heard someone honking. Then someone knocked on the door. She got up saying, "They aren't supposed to be here this early, I didn't know they were coming already." She went to the door, told the dude to hold on, went to her room, and came back to the living room. She told me I could hang out and finish the movie. Then she left.

Yeah, that's right, she fucking left me there in her house and went to a party. Well, I wasn't going to stay at some random girls house and finish a movie I wasn't interested in in the first place. So, fuck that, I left, came home, and went to bed.

Fucking bitches.

Mood: Pissed
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