Wednesday, April 13, 2005

You guessed it, carrots.

This afternoon found N and I hard at work in the garden.

I found out through a campuswide email that Alpha Zeta, the agricultural fraternity, had garden plots for lease at a secluded spot on campus. The plots are 25x30 and were a steal at $25 dollars for undergrads. The leases run from March 26 all the way through the summer and fall to Novemeber 12.

My family has pretty much always had a garden, when space allowed, which was most years. I can remember being just a little guy, no more than 5 or so and helping my Mom pick okra from the backyard garden. As I got older, I began to take a more hands on role in the families summer garden. By the time I was in high school and we were living out west, I even had my own section. I remeber one year, I planted carrots as my crop of choice. They turned out to be really good, nice and big, sweet and juicy.

So, this year, I get to garden for the first time in at least 3 years. N and I had lots of fun playing in the dirt today. We put in 5 of our 8 tomato plants, 3 of our 5 strawberry plants, and 4 rows of corn. Yet to be planted are, melons, pumpkins, beans, flowers, cucumbers and yep, you guessed it, carrots.

Pictures forthcoming.

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