Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The days of $62 dollar power bills

I hate my roommate.

The stupid redneck ass roommate is back in town. I'm so glad he was kicked out of school this semester, because with him not here, life was so much better. It was so much easier not cleaning up after his filthy ass and dealing with is nasty stinky shit all over the place all the time.

But, alas it has all come to an end and he is back in town. So far, my other roommate (whom I tolerate, but still have issues with) and I have not turned on the air conditioner at all this spring. We have kept the apartment relativly comfortable by keeping the windows open, and just generally tolerating temperatures up to 75 or so.

It's not even warm in the apartment now, but stupid redneck assface has decided it is too warm and turned on the AC. -- I just looked at my little weather station thing, and it has informed me that it is currently 72.0 degrees in the house. Not anywhere near AC turning on temperature. Now, if it were say a balmy 76, I might understand it, but not for a chilly 72.0. I hate him so much...

I guess the days of $62 dollar power bills are gone now that fuckface is back...

Mood: Pissy
Music: The Starting Line.


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