Friday, May 20, 2005

decent company

So here we are1:40 am, and I am finally returning home.

I went out to the poolhall tonight with a good friend and some not so good friends. The not so good friends were decent company, and the good friend was great company. We toatsted the night away to J2, per his request. He is preseumably crossing the atlantic, and it only seemed natural that we dedicate our beers to him.

Upon the advice of the friend I went out with, we placed our obligitory drunk call to J2's sister in New York. She is a graduate of my university and currently a producer at Wonder Showzen (you might have seen it Sundays on MTV 2). We harrased her for a while. Then she shut her phone off and didnt' accept anymore customary drunk calls. At leasst I will see her next weekened.

The night was full of beer and stories, some of which I might recall tomorrow, now I sleep. Goongiht.


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