Monday, May 02, 2005

Feel her next to me.

Walking back from the refridgerator, I stop to throw the bolt on the front door. As my pajamas swing off my hips, I walk back to my computer. A fresh Amberbock in one hand and a tall glass of water in the other, I'm all set for a drunken blogging escape...

I have to tell you, I've been thinking alot about the girl lately. Today, on our last day of class, I looked at her across the room and wished she would look at me so I could flash her a smile. I remembered that night, thinking that I have have not had a better night since. Wishing I could feel her next to me.

AT this point, I shoud stop. I"m drunk, and it took me way too long to write the preceeding paragraphs. i will continue this post at some point, but for now, I must pass out on my empty bed.

Mood: Eh?
Music: Park


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