Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My new best friend.

It's pretty amazing how detailed the Lord of the Rings universe really is. From the three original books, so much has been published. For instance, Christopher Tolkien has published 12 volumes just on the history of Middle-earth.

I find that as I read, it is sometimes hard to keep up with all the ancillary characters, sidestories, and lineages that are introduced. This was really one of the obstacles that I faced the first time I picked up Return of the King, and one of the major reasons why I quit reading it.

Well, this time around, I have a secret weapon, something that I've been hearing about for several years now, but never really used. Wikipedia: the free encyclopedia is my new best friend. I have read so much, and found out so much more background information from Wikipedia that it is just ridiculous. This is such a great project and I encourage everyone to check it out and get hooked like I have. Heck, there is even a widget for your desktop to make searching even easier!

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