Wednesday, May 04, 2005

PB&J and Chex Mix for all!

Geez, that last post was terrible, I guess it's just a reminder to never blog whilst drunken... moving on.

Yesterday turned out to be an absolutely delightful day. Just the kind of day I was in need of. The weekend down at N's Mom's was great. It was fun seeing the family and absolutely stuffing my gut for three whole days. Considering all the food I ate, I'm suprised I didn't come back any fatter. Monday was a day from hell. That's why I came home and downed a six pack of Amberbock.

Yesterday, I got up and headed to work, still partially drunk. After getting off at 10, I came home and put in Appendix Three of the LOTR: Extended Edition. I watched the documentaries for a while before nodding of shortly after 11. N dropped by at Noon to have some lunch with me. PB&J and Chex Mix for all! After running to campus for a quick meeting, I cam home and curled up on my bed again. I finished off Appendix Three and slot loaded Appendix Four. That's kind of how I spent the afternoon, learning more about Lord of the Rings that I ever needed, but always wanted to know.

Later, I hit the streets for a 45 minute jog across town and back, totaling almost 6 miles. The rest of the evening was spend laboring over Chinese take out and the book version of LOTR.

Today is shaping up in similar fashion. A nice break from the routine.

Mood: Here and there
Music: Letter Kills


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