Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Pleading my case

So here I was, being a lazy ass, just sort of hanging around the apartment slowly getting ready for the day. Taking a long shower, making up my bed, you know the usual "I have nothing to do so I'm just going to do my morning routine real slow today" sort of morning. Basically, just wasting time until 1:30 came around and I went to take my Anthropolgy final.

I saw the girl come online and decided to strike up a little chat with her. That's when this IM conversations happened:

[12:42] dhskicker: ready for the exam?

[12:42] the girl: huh?

[12:42] the girl: i just took it

[12:42] the girl: where were you?

[12:43] dhskicker: waht?

[12:43] dhskicker: it

[12:43] dhskicker: it's not at 2?

[12:43] the girl: no it was at 11

[12:43] dhskicker: aw fuck

[12:43] dhskicker: fuck fuck fuck

[12:43] dhskicker: what do i do?

[12:43] the girl: hmm

[12:43] the girl: well *professor wasnt there

[12:43] the girl: i would go up and talk to *Grad Student

[12:43] dhskicker: shit shit shit

[12:43] the girl: she proctored the exam

[12:43] dhskicker: is she in the lab?

[12:43] the girl: youll be fine

[12:43] the girl: yeah

[12:43] dhskicker: ok i'm gone

[12:43] the girl: im sure she will underatand, good luck!

[12:44] *** "the girl" signed off at Tue May 10 12:44:05 2005.

* Names changed to protect the innocent

Holy shit, I've never, ever missed a final. I can't believe I did it today. I had two oclock written down for a whole week, how could I have been so stupid. So, I throw on some clothes, put the beagle away, grab my pack and run down to the scooter. From there, I haul ass to campus and practically run up to the Anthropology lab. Once there, I find the grad student and begin pleading my case. At first she seemed confused and hesitant about letting me take the test, but another lab worker vouched for me and that helped.

So, I got to take the test, and it went well. Then, after the test, I got my grade back from the lab final. A 93. I don't know how I pulled that off, but hey I'll take all the As I can get.

So, alls well that ends well I guess. Now it's off to some reading before volunteering.


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