Thursday, June 16, 2005

Another good sign.

Last night was the weekly 5K. I went balls to the wall and came out with a new personal record at 20:14. In the heat. I was pleased. If I keep improving every week like I have been lately, I'll hit my sub 20:00 minute goal soon. Then it's on to the next goal, sub 19:00.

When I got there, I mosied up to the registration table and saw the Scientist talking to someone about 30 feet away. Playing it cool, I paid my three bucks, pinned on my number and started to walk back to my truck. In what I considered to be a good sign, she approached me. We walked and talked for a minute I commented on her red dress, telling her it was nice and she looked sexy. We parted ways but I told her I'd catch up with her later.

After the race, I hung out with her and all the other hashers. I didn't bring my own beer so, she offered me her last one. Another good sign. I had a good time hanging out and making friends. As time wore on, I got ready to head home and started to talk to her. We talked for a little while laughing and having a good time. When I was ready to go, I asked her if she were free tomorrow and she said she was. We made plans to go get ice cream at 8, after my meeting at work.

So, the time is now. I'm about to shower, go to work, then to pick her up. Hopefully, it will go well, at this point I'm pretty sure it will, we are getting along well.

I might even try to kiss her.

Mood: Worn
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