Thursday, June 23, 2005

Extra Pounds

Ok, so I lied. Maybe another post or two before I hit the trail. I've got my rucksack mostly packed already. I decided to walk outside and head up and down our steep ass driveway a few times to check my load balancing and how it felt. Things went good on that front. Then, I decided to come in and step on the scale just to see how much I'm toting. Looks like we are at roughly fifty pounds and counting.

The funny thing about it is, a year and a half ago, rather than toting fifty extra pounds of camping gear, it was fifty extra pounds of gellatinous fat (II, III, IV). Looking at the mirror as I passed out of the bathroom, I gave myself a mental high five.


Blogger schmims said...

I still think you are totally crazy for backpacking in the summer with the bugs and poisionous snakes. I'll be backpacking at the end of next week in IDAHO where it only feels like 75. And there are no bugs.

4:41 AM  

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